The foundation of a regenerative portfolio

Offering $10 million of Soil Restoration Notes
It was during the middle of the last financial crisis that we decided to start our company. Our driving force was the idea that investors needed something real and healthy to purchase. We were reacting to the widespread distrust and volatility of a Wall Street trading model and the overvaluation of paper assets.

Our decision to focus on organic farmland reflected a regenerative strategy to connect long term investors with family farmers restoring our farms. In this case, the underlying asset is improved year by year, literally moving from a dead and depleted state to one that's alive. Where can you own an asset that builds soil indefinitely, as long as it is farmed organically and regeneratively?

It's with that spirit in mind that we are excited to release our new Soil Restoration Notes -- this offering is now live and ready for investment. It builds on our last iteration of the Soil Restoration Notes, which sold out at the end of 2019. See the details below.

Our company continues to grow, and as a result -  we're hiring! Iroquois Valley seeks a staff accountant to join our team in Evanston, IL. Please see the job description here and send a cover letter & resume to our HR consultant at .
The New Soil Restoration Notes
This note includes a unique and important financial impact for organic farmers – the Soil Restoration Pool. The Soil Restoration Pool offers support for farmers within the Iroquois Valley portfolio in their soil-building projects during the organic transition and beyond. Learn more about the Soil Restoration Pool on our website here .

Investment details:
  • $50,000 minimum investment
  • 5-year maturity
  • 2.25% annual return to investor
  • Accredited-investors only

Interested investors can find the Soil Restoration Note PPM here.

Learn more about investing by viewing the offering documents or reaching out to Alex Mackay, our VP, Investor Relations at
How our organic farmers are building healthy soils
Iroquois Valley farmers are building healthy soils through organic practices. We've highlighted seven principles of soil health included in the USDA Organic Standard that our farmers practice. Read our Soil Health Principles to understand the science behind soil health and learn about how these principles are put into practice by organic farmers here.

Our first Conservation Innovation Grant supported research on this topic and allowed us to build a framework to collect data from our farmers about what practices they use to grow healthy soils. We look forward to sharing our findings in the future.
See the impact our farmers are creating with their land & communities
Over the summer, we produced a short film called "When You Let The Land Lead" that shares our vision of an alternative food and finance system, featuring the three farms below.

We're working to build that future with the farmers and farms in our portfolio, with support from a broad coalition of mission-aligned investors. Learn more about how small and large investors alike can get support our work through our REIT equity offering.
Main Street Project
Featherstone Farm
Yker Acres
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As a corporate guideline,  we do not look for specific farmland to purchase or finance. We develop relationships with farmers, mostly young and organic, who want to grow their farm business. We move forward when we have a ready, willing and able farmer. 
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