Hello Church!

How is everyone doing this week? Are you tired of home schooling and social distancing?  Do you miss worship in our chapel - communion and singing together?  Are you starting to discover your new normal?  

As the need for social distancing continues, we will do our best to keep you informed and connected. When we have updates and information, we will send emails.  When you have ideas of how we can church together while apart, please let us know!

  • We are pleased to announce that Susan McMillan has graciously agreed to serve as New Song's Parish Nurse!  Do you have a question or concerns about health / medical issues, especially during this epidemic?  Do you need some reassurance or support? Susan is an RN with many years experience and she is available to answer questions and calm your fears.  You can contact Susan by email: 
    • mcmillansj@sbcglobal.net
  • Kids & Parents! Watch for an announcement soon about a New Song video just for you! We want YOU to be a part of it too. Will you please send pictures (fun, silly or serene) of what you've been doing during the sheltering? Short 15-20 second video clips are also welcomed. We'll add pix and clips to each installment. Music welcomed, too--a song, instrument, piano and rhythm instruments would be great. We've missed you! Let's connect with each other! Send to mjennings22@outlook.com by May 23rd for this month's video--or after that date for other summer videos. Thanks! Miss Pam pamkjennings@gmail.com
  • Many thanks to each of you who have supported our new Couch Outreach efforts! Our newest outreach was sending pizza to the 3rd shift nurses and aides at Frontier Nursing & Rehabilitation.  These front-line essential workers were thrilled that New Song cared enough to think of them!  And a special shout-out to the Papa John's on First Capitol in St. Charles, who not only delivered pizza to a nursing home when other pizza places would not, but gave us a great discount and donated extra pizzas to supplement our order!  
  • Current Couch Outreach needs:  1. donations to support our efforts; 2. Men's jeans, belts, boxers, sneakers and always socks.  (For more info on Couch Outreach, please refer to previous emails and watch for updates on our facebook page.)
  • Parents of New Song Youth:  Please contact Rex with your preference of a good time for Rex and Sally to zoom with your kids.  We would like to try this soon.
  • Coming soon! Priming the Pump 2020 - Rex is reviving his pumps.  They, along with prayers and other writings, will soon be available at a new website.  Watch for the announcement!
  • Most of you know we don't have "committees" at New Song.  It's just one of the ways we do church differently.  But did you know that in addition to our elected officers, we also have a group called CAP.  CAP stands for Committee for Action and Planning and we coordinate New Song activities, programs and events.  Our current CAP and our responsibilities:
    • Rex Loy - Pastor; worship, congregational welfare, spiritual concerns
    • Pam Jennings - children's ministry, worship
    • Jenny Bosworth - communications, President of the congregation
    • Tom Boyd - outreach / mission
    • Susan McMillan - community (pot-lucks, parties); Parish Nurse
    • Lisa Rees - outreach
    • Twila Loy - coordinator; communications, social justice awareness, adult programs
  • CAP relies on all of you as volunteers to keep New Song running smoothly, during normal times and in times like this.  If you have ideas or questions, please reach out to any of us!
Keep praying

Keep being helpers

Keep being the church

And don't forget to tune in each Saturday night for Worship at Home!