May/June 2019

  From the Manager...
By Teresa Herrera
SVCW Manager
A year has passed since I've been in the position of SVCW's Manager; beginning with an interim appointment in April followed by a permanent assignment in July of last year. As this time has passed, I've come to realize the responsibility that being in a Manager's position carries. There are the obvious ones like leading our agency and its employees to ever-increasing greatness, communicating with our elected officials and outside agency partners, and making both the fun and difficult decisions on a daily basis. Then there are the somewhat less obvious ones that are unique to leaders in general, to leaders within a wastewater arena, and to women leaders in a primarily male dominated field. While I hope that we all understand the value that having a diverse workforce provides, it remains a sensitive topic.
I have had the pleasure of being asked to speak in many different forums over the past couple of months to different audiences about the environment, how the wastewater field fits into overall sustainability, being a woman in the wastewater field, and being a person of color in the working world. It has brought me to understand that I wear many hats and each comes with its own sets of responsibilities. I'm honored to be in the position I'm in and I don't take it for granted. 

I'm also honored to be able to impact, in a small way, how the world perceives all of who and what I am and, by extension, all of who and what SVCW is. I tell anyone who will listen to "model the behavior you want to see in others." Therein lies the responsibility. I want to make this agency proud. I want to make the industry proud. And I want to make all people who care about equality in opportunities proud.
Silicon Valley Clean Water is a fantastic place to work; our employees care about what they do, they like coming to work, and they gain satisfaction from knowing that they're contributing to society in a meaningful way. I want to extend my thanks to everyone who enable me to do my job in the manner that moves us forward in our mission and through our vision.


SBSA Commission

Alicia Aguirre Alicia Aguirre,  
Redwood City Council  

George Otte
West Bay Sanitary District Board 

Mark Olbert
Mark Olbert,
San Carlos City Council 

Warren  Lieberman,
Belmont City Council

 Enhancing SVCW's Outward Communications 

Within a relatively short amount of time, SVCW has come to be known beyond the local and state wastewater community.  We're implementing extensive work on our capital improvement projects and we're doing a significant amount of work to enhance our overall operations and sustainability. And not to go unsaid, we're meeting our mission of protecting public health and the environment on a daily basis. We have many stories to tell and it's a challenge to ensure all the stories and activities are being told to the community in a cohesive manner.
I have been remiss in not putting more emphasis on our outward communications, beginning with the "branding" of SVCW and developing a strategic plan for our outreach efforts. We've been doing a great job, with much credit to be given to Mr. Duane
Duane Sandul
Sandul who, for more than 30 years, has led the efforts of getting information about what's happening at SVCW out to the public. Duane has been instrumental in ensuring regular communication and, more recently, has been the primary person to get our news about RESCU activities out to the world. 
After much discussion with others and contemplating what it is that SVCW needs for outward communications, I've concluded that this is a time for change and the change will involve revamping our communications and public relations efforts. The Commission recently approved a partnership with our member
Meghan Horrigan
agency, City of Redwood City, to share their Public Information Office staff, most notably, Ms. Meghan Horrigan, the City's Public Communication Manager. Remaining a part of the team, Duane will focus on the RESCU program outreach and will work in coordination with Meghan and her staff.
I'm extremely excited to be enhancing our outward communications with the addition of Ms. Horrigan and look forward to developing a special SVCW brand of which we will all be proud.

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