February 2, 2017
Student-Centered Learning Fact Sheet: Students Take Ownership Over Their Own Learning
Rhode Island KIDS COUNT has released a series of Student-Centered Learning Fact Sheets. Each  Fact Sheet highlights state policies that support student-centered learning practices, highlights best practices in Rhode Island and across the nation, and provides recommendations for expanding and strengthening student-centered learning in Rhode Island. 

Student-Centered Learning recognizes that students take ownership over their own learning by becoming actively engaged in their own success, incorporating their interests and skills into the learning process, and having a voice in decision-making about issues that affect their learning at the classroom, school, district, and state levels. 

To learn more about this principle - and how students take ownership over their own learning in Rhode Island - please click here

Please also see our other Student-Centered Learning Fact Sheets: Personalized Learning; Learning Anytime, Anywhere; and  Learning is Competency-Based.
Apply by February 5: Rhode Island Teaching Policy Fellowship
Teach Plus empowers excellent, experienced teachers to take leadership over key policy and practice issues that affect their students' success. The Rhode Island Teaching Policy Fellowship is focused on personalized learning and providing opportunities for teachers to learn about education policy issues.

During the fellowship, teachers will connect with policy leaders and peers to share their voice in education decisions in Rhode Island. It is an excellent opportunity to lend your voice to key policy issues in the state.
  • Who? Current middle or high school teacher of record in Rhode Island with at least two full years of teaching experience
  • What? Fellows come together once a month to learn from leaders in the field and to collaborate with their peers (4 times in person and 6 times virtually)
  • When? March to December 2017
  • Why? Teachers are paid a $1,500 dollar stipend for their commitment and will be provided with the training, opportunity, and support to share their voice on education policy issues related to personalized learning
  • Applications are due Sunday, February 5th at midnight
  • To learn more and apply, please click here.
The 74 Million covers Rhode Island's statewide personalized learning efforts
Rhode Island's innovative efforts to personalize learning for students were highlighted by The 74 Million, a non profit, non-partisan news site covering education in the United States. The article highlights efforts across the state to personalize learning, from relationship-building to the use of classroom technology. Please click here to see the article.
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For more information about the Student-Centered Learning Initiative, please contact Senior Policy Analyst Stephanie Geller at (401) 351-9400 or sgeller@rikidscount.org.