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ONSONG and Airturn
Onsong 1.96
Tired of taking all those printed chord charts and sheet music to the church. Get ONSONG and have all of your songs at your fingertips. Share the list and songs with your team via iOS devices or displays; transpose on the fly. This is one of the best iPad apps on the market and it's $7.99.   Watch the Video!
Airturn Pedal for ONSONG
OK.. how do you scroll through the song or through the list if you're playing keys, guitar, drums with ONSONG? Get the Airturn Bluetooth pedal. Voila. Hands Free worship! 

These are cool little devices that will dramatically improve the level and sound of your low-output microphones and DI Boxes. Check em out here!

Month, Day 20XX 

In this newsletter we're going to let you know about some exciting developments for your
Presonus StudioLive mixers
with the eminent launch of
Universal Control 1.7.
(Watch the Video below and read the document for details). 

For those of you you are considering the purchase of a new console for your studio or church, DO NOT BUY one until you read "A Tale of Two Mixers" which is a comprehensive comparison between the Presonus Studio Live and the Behringer X-32. (Read "A Tale of Two Mixers" pdf attached)

Audio-Technica has introduced a new digital wireless microphone system, System 10 that is sure to make your life easier in the world of the crowded  and crazy radio environment we live in. Also, a brand new, innovative, flagship condenser microphone  for  the highest quality and purity of sound of any microphone we have ever produced ( or for any others for that matter) the 5040.

Onsong.. a iOS app for chord chart management  upped the anty with it's brand new upgrade to 1.96 and a new video showing the new application with the 2 or 4 pedal Airturn. If you have Onsong already , the upgrade is free. If not.. it's $7.99!

FLY Worship has a brand new upgrade as well and if your worship team lacks talent and or experienced musicians, and you don't have a lot of money for what it takes to run multitracks and loops (computers, software, MIDI controllers, and the price of the songs) FLY may be the tool that changes your mind about all of this .

Cloud aslo has a new product: The Cloudlifter. This little device will boost the output of mics and DIs that don't have much by as much as 25 db, with no noise. Amazing little devices.

Presonus and Rational Acoustics launch Universal Control 1.7 with Smaart Phase Two

Smaart Phase 2 for StudioLive
 (Click link for details)

In a few days from now, Presonus will be launching exciting, problem-solving upgrades to their StudioLive mixers this month. They are FREE of course and you're going to go bonkers when you see these. 
 In SMAART Phase One, we gave Studio Live users, an RTA and a Spectrograph, very cool features that allow you to ring out monitors more easily , and view the frequency spectrum in a variety of ways. 
 Phase Two, raises the bar significantly with three new enhancements, that are sure to make your life easier and without having to spend a dime. You now will be able to: 
 1) Analyze Room Acoustics. Smaart Room Analysis generates a frequency-response trace and overlays it on the parametric EQ in VSL (Virtual Studio Live) so can adjust your system to rid of unwanted room anomalies. 
 2) Precisely Adjust Speaker Delay. Smaart System Delay calculates and sets the correct amount of delay time between two full-range systems. 
3) Check Monitor and P.A. Outputs. Smaart Output Check quickly verifies that your system outputs are routed correctly and are passing signal by shooting 3 sec of pink noise through the outputs. These Wizards will actually step you through every action along the way to make it completely easy for church techs and volunteers to use. No other mixers have these kinds of tools built in much less for FREE.


Universal Control 1.7
Watch the video and get ready to be blown away. No other mixer on the market has these problem solving features integrated into the mixer. 

SL 24.4.2
"A Tale of Two Mixers"
You're considering buying a mixer and you like most of us in small churches have scraped together every penny and you're on the fence about which mixer in this price point offers the most bang for your buck. Well, before you get seduced into purchasing  something that may have been the wrong choice, read this document which will, if nothing else , let you know what the stark differences are.
Click the link, "A Tale of Two Mixers" to read this very informative and comprehensive comparison between the Presonus StudioLive  24.4.2 and the Behringer X-32.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you my friends. I pray that it will be a blessed one. Sheri and I live in NJ and although we were spared damage to our home many in our state were not so fortunate. Please lift them up in your prayers.

We would like you to know that Sheri and I are also thinking about hosting our own workshops for your worship and tech teams. If you're interested in having us come to your church or community, let us know and we'll provide you with details on how to make that happen.

Please visit us on our websites or on our Facebook pages. We'd love to hear from you. 

Be blessed
Doug Gould 
Worship MD

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New Products from Audio-Technica

System 10 Digital Wireless
Amazing technology!
Pure sound!
Easy to operate!
So Affordable!

The 5040 
Welcome to the future of microphones. Ground-breaking technology not an improvement on the same old thing. There was one goal  in the design "Purity of Sound" 

FLY Worship
The Worship Band You've Been Waiting for:

Watch the demos by favorite worship leader songwriter Brenton Brown.

If you purchase the program enter promo code DGBUN for five FREE additional songs.

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