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Journey Back to Nature.jpg


Strathcona Park is B.C.’s oldest provincial park, turning 110 years old this year. If you haven’t visited this magnificent park here on Vancouver Island, treat yourself! You will not be disappointed. This title by noted historian Ms. Gilbert traces the early history from day one, including the many conflicts with industry and commercial pressures. The politicians of the day wanted this park to be a Banff like development, but with a changing political climate, it never happened. This is a comprehensive, well developed history, that has added greatly to my knowledge of the area we live in, with many archival photos.

such a quiet place.jpg


A woman is released from prison after serving 14 months of a 20 year sentence for a double homicide. She unexpectedly returns to the tight knit community where she once lived, and the murders took place. Upon returning to her former roommate's home, questions swirl about why she has come back and if the neighbourhood is once again in danger. It soon becomes apparent that she's not the only one with secrets to hide.

Perfect summer suspense that captured me from page one.

Brilliant Abyss.jpg


The deepest parts of the ocean have been inaccessible to scientists until recently. It was thought for years that no life existed there at all but new technologies and equipment have revealed that the deep is home to countless unimaginable life forms.

Written by a marine biologist from Cambridge University, this book is a wonderful journey into this world. Unfortunately, as she explains, it is under threat and needs protection as the deep matters to every living thing. A must read for anyone who wants a well researched tour through this still little known world.

Even So.jpg


Angela Morrison has it all. She’s married to a wealthy man, adores her son, grows orchids, and volunteers at Our Daily Bread Food Pantry. What more could she want? More - much more. And she’s willing to risk everything after meeting Carsten, a Dane with the glacier-blue eyes.

Sister Eileen, who runs Our Daily Bread Food Pantry, struggles with the silence of God. She yearns to convince Angela she is loved by God, despite her selfishness and destructive behaviour, but in order for that to be authentic Eileen must learn to love her first, and that’s no easy task - especially after Angela causes a terrible tragedy.

Releases September 14th

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Purchase Miriam's new book, Fight Night, and receive exclusive access to this virtual event. Zoom codes with be sent the day of the event. The new book releases August 24th.

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Chilling New Thrillers


Almost Wife.jpg

A page turning psychological thriller, perfect for summer reading.

Kira is engaged to the man of her dreams: he’s charming, handsome, wealthy, and a great dad to their baby, Evie, and his thirteen-year-old daughter, Olive. Having grown up with a troubled relationship with her mother and mostly estranged from her father, Kira craves a close family and secure home, and with Aaron, Evie and Olive, she almost has it. The only problem is Aaron’s ex-wife, Madison, who’s out of control and trying to get to Olive.


When Alice and Leo move into a newly renovated house in The Circle, a gated community of exclusive houses, it is everything they’ve dreamed of. But appearances can be deceptive…

As Alice is getting to know her neighbours, she discovers a devastating secret about her new home, and begins to feel a strong connection with Nina, the therapist who lived there before.

Alice becomes obsessed with trying to piece together what happened two years before. But no one wants to talk about it. Her neighbors are keeping secrets and things are not as perfect as they seem…

Other Passenger.jpg

It all happens so quickly. One day you’re living the dream, commuting to work by ferry with your charismatic neighbor Kit in the seat beside you. The next, Kit hasn’t turned up for the boat and his wife, Melia, has reported him missing.

When you get off at your stop, the police are waiting. Another passenger saw you and Kit arguing on the boat home the night before and the police say that you had a reason to want him dead.


A high dive into the dangers of obsession, this sinister and seductive thriller will leave you breathless.

Stevie Erickson is looking for a fresh start. The sudden loss of her grandmother has sent her life into a tailspin, putting a strain on her relationship with her boyfriend, Jacob. So when Jacob is offered a job on a beautiful, secluded island off the coast of Tanzania, he thinks it’s just the adventure they need and Stevie reluctantly agrees to go with him.

Their trip gets off to a rough start with a nighttime scare at their first hostel. Already fragile, Stevie can’t shake the feeling that she’s being watched.

Song for the Dark Times.jpg

When his daughter Samantha calls in the dead of night, John Rebus knows it’s not good news. Her husband has been missing for two days.


Rebus fears the worst – and knows from his lifetime in the police that his daughter will be the prime suspect.

As he leaves at dawn to drive to the windswept coast – and a small town with big secrets – he wonders whether this might be the first time in his life where the truth is the one thing he doesn’t want to find…


Maeve Martin arrives at the High Water Center for the Arts determined to do one thing: launch her own dance company. Time is running out for the former principal dancer and mother of two to find her feet again after the collapse of a disastrous and violent marriage. At first, there’s a thrill to being on her own for the first time in years, isolated in the beauty of a snowy mountain lodge. 

But when an avalanche traps the guests inside, tensions run high. Help is coming, so they just have to hold on, don’t they? But as days pass, the other guests are struck down by mysterious deaths, one by one.

Lantern Men.jpg

Forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway changed her life—until a convicted killer tells her that four of his victims were never found, drawing her back to the place she left behind.

Everything has changed for Ruth Galloway. She has a new job, home, and partner, and she is no longer north Norfolk police’s resident forensic archaeologist. That is, until convicted murderer Ivor March offers to make DCI Nelson a deal. Nelson was always sure that March killed more women than he was charged with. Now March confirms this and offers to show Nelson where the other bodies are buried—but only if Ruth will do the digging.

Man with the Silver Saab.jpg

Perplexing, unfathomable, and perhaps unimportant, the cases that Malmo's Department of Sensitive Crimes take on will test them to their limits.

Life--and crime--is not always as it seems for Ulf Varg and the other fearless detectives in Malmo's Department of Sensitive Crimes. There are always surprising new cases to take on, and the latest batch is no exception. And that's not to mention Ulf's struggle to contain his feelings for his colleague Anna Bengsdotter. All in all, things are distinctly difficult in Malmo, and it seems up to Ulf and the Department to set them right.

False Witness.jpg

Leigh Collier has worked hard to build what looks like a normal life. She’s an up-and-coming defense attorney at a prestigious law firm in Atlanta.

On a Sunday night she gets a call from one of the firm's partners who wants Leigh to come on board to defend a wealthy man accused of multiple counts of rape. When she meets the accused face-to-face, she realizes that it’s no coincidence that he’s specifically asked for her to represent him. She knows him. And he knows her. 


Viktor Orlov had a longstanding appointment with death. Once Russia’s richest man, he now resides in splendid exile in London, where he has waged a tireless crusade against the authoritarian kleptocrats who have seized control of the Kremlin. His mansion in Chelsea’s exclusive Cheyne Walk is one of the most heavily protected private dwellings in London. Yet somehow, on a rainy summer evening, in the midst of a global pandemic, Russia’s vengeful president finally manages to cross Orlov’s name off his kill list.

Not a Happy Family.jpg

Brecken Hill in upstate New York is an expensive place to live. You have to be rich to have a house there, and Fred and Sheila Merton certainly are rich.

But even all their money can't protect them when a killer comes to call. The Mertons are brutally murdered after a fraught Easter dinner with their three adult kids. Who, of course, are devastated.

Or are they?


A vivid psychological thriller about the bond between orphaned brothers. How far would you go to be your brother's keeper?

Roy's loyalty to family is tested, as when he finds himself inextricably drawn to his brother's wife, Shannon, an attraction that will have devastating consequences. Roy's world is coming apart, and soon there will be no turning back. He'll be forced to choose between his own flesh and blood and a future he had never dared to believe possible.


Little Qualicum Cheeseworks.jpg

Jazz, Tea & Cheesecake

Sunday, August 15th 1:30pm -4pm

TICKETS: $35.00 Adults - Cash or cheque only

Student tickets ($20 each) sold only at the door

Colin James.jpg

Colin James Blues Trio

Monday, November 8th 7:30pm

TICKETS: $55.00 Adults - Cash or cheque only

(General admission tickets - no assigned seating)

Please note:

Tickets from the postponed March 2020 show will be honored

For more information about this event please contact:

Gee Dan Productions - Gene Daniel (250) 751-1169

Non-fiction New Releases

Whitewater Cooks Together Again.jpg

Once again, Shelley Adams demonstrates her skills in elevating simple ingredients to new, wonderfully delicious heights.

In this new book, Shelley continues her innate ability to take easily sourced fresh foods - coaxed expertly with fresh herbs, creative seasonings and cooking techniques - to result in recipes cooks will want to return to time and time again.

Comfort Book.jpg

The Comfort Book is a collection of little islands of hope, a gathering of consolations and stories that give us new ways of seeing ourselves and the world. 

Matt Haig’s mix of philosophy, memoir and self-reflection builds on the wisdom of philosophers and survivors through the ages, from Marcus Aurelius to Nellie Bly, from Emily Dickinson to James Baldwin. 

Wild Silence.jpg

Now, life beyond The Salt Path awaits. As Raynor and her husband Moth return to four walls, the sense of home is illusive and returning to normality is proving difficult - until an incredible gesture by someone who reads their story changes everything.

Agent Sonya.jpg

 Macintyre's latest true-life spy story is a masterpiece about the woman code-named "Sonya," one of the most important female spies in history. Hunted by the Chinese, Japanese, Nazis, MI5, MI6, and FBI, she evaded all and survived the brutal Soviet purges that left her friends and colleagues dead.

Sound of the Seas.jpg

A compelling history of seashells and the animals that make them, revealing what they have to tell us about nature, our changing oceans, and ourselves.

Star Builders.jpg

Arthur Turrell is an award-winning young plasma physicist with a unique talent for making complex science accessible. In The Star Builders, he describes fascinating star machines with ten times as many parts as the NASA Space Shuttle, and structures that extend over 400 acres. 



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130 West Second Ave, Qualicum Beach


Phone: (250) 752-9722



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