Coquilles St. Jacques...we have a lot to learn from our ancestors.

For this summer menu we decided to feature one of the most classic recipes in France the “Grenobloise!”

The appetizer of the Summer in Provence menu:

Diver Scallop Grenobloise, scallop-lemon-caper-butter-cauliflower florets-balsamic vinegar …That’s all & this simple dish is an explosion of flavor!!!

The wine: Jean Marc Brocard, 2016 Chablis Premier Cru Vaulorent…we are very close to perfection in pairing food & wine.

The original version of the lemon-butter-caper sauce…I like very much to modernize & deconstruct these centuries’ old recipes. The more I cook the more I realize that we still have a lot to learn from our ancestors about flavor & balance of flavors.  Even if we try very hard to reinvent the culinary world every day, when I look at these old dishes I feel very humble.  

It's amazing how they could get so much intensity from simple ingredients!

I’m a chef from the “Nouvelle Cuisine” generation.  From “Nouvelle Cuisine” to “molecular cuisine” I neglected all my life the classic recipes to find out sometimes we still have a lot to learn from Auguste Escoffier!