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Introducing our
New Supplier Arance

Arance Electronics is a manufacturer of high performance VNA test cables , NMD adaptors and coaxial cables for military, communication, research and University applications for frequencies up to 67GHz. 


  • High Performance VNA Test Cables
  • Economy VNA Test Cables
  • Low Loss Flexible Cable Assemblies
  • Armoured Cable Assemblies
  • Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies
  • Semi-Flexible Cable Assemblies
  • Waveguide Cable Assemblies

Calibration Kits
  • Precision Calibration Kits
  • Economy Calibration Kits
  • Single Sex Calibration Kits
  • 3-in-1 OSL Calibration Kits

NMD Test Port Adaptors

  • NMD 3.5mm
  • NMD 2.92mm
  • NMD 2.4mm
  • NMD 1.85mm
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Boxes
More information on Arance's products can be Downloaded Here.

New 1000-2000MHz SMA
3dB 90° Hybrid Coupler

Electro-Photonics LLC is pleased to announce the availability of a connectorized hybrid coupler, the Q3XG-1500R-SMA.  

This coupler operates from 1000 MHz - 2000 MHz and dissipates 65W in an extremely small package of 1.60 x 1.10 inches (40.64 mm x 27.94 mm).


  • Signal Splitting/Combining.
  • Antenna Beam-Forming Networks.
  • Balanced Amplifier Circuit.
  • I/Q Modulators/Demodulators.
  • Analogue Phase Shifters.
  • Microwave Mixers.
  • Dividers/Combiners.

  • Low Insertion Loss.
  • High Isolation.
  • Low Amplitude Balance.
  • Low VSWR.
  • Compact & Low Profile.
  • Rugged Aluminium Housing.
  • High Performance SMA Connector.
Click Here for further information.

RSP1_Eval Kit for
the RFbeam Doppler
Radar Signal Processor

The RSP1 Evaluation Kit from RFbeam Microwave is a fully operational movement sensor application using advanced signal processing. Using this kit can save both evaluation and development time as well as money. The RSP1 processor offers adaptive noise cancelling and automatic adaptation to different Doppler transceivers.

Key Features

  • Reference design for RFbeam RSP1 processor.
  • Advanced movement detection system.
  • High performance signal processing.
  • More detection range than traditional designs.
  • Less susceptibility to interference.
  • Supports most RFbeam transceivers.
  • Stand alone or host operated modes.
  • Analysing and software command tools included.
  • Saves development time and investment.

With the RSP1_eval the functionality can be influenced by manual settings as well as by more than 30 parameters and commands. The kit can be used as a stand-alone system or as a server of a host computer or microcontroller. Helpful software tools for configuration and signal visualisation are included.

Typical Applications
  • Reference design for own developments based on RSP1 processor.
  • Exploring FFT base Doppler signal processor.
  • Optimising choice of sensor type for different applications.
Click Here to download the product datasheet.
Click Here to download the Evaluation Kit User Manual.