New System Changes!
Driscoll Health Plan prides itself on being a friend of the family for our members. However, we have been remiss in expressing our gratitude for our network providers and all they do to make our members healthier and happier. It is with that in mind that I write to you today to inform you of all of the changes we are making to lessen the administrative burdens that so often work to distract us from our purpose of enriching members’ lives. We have and continue to seek feedback from all of our healthcare team members to create more efficient processes and achievable goals for care.
A few ways Driscoll is using feedback received from providers to decrease provider burdens in 2018:  
  • Bringing all Eligibility and Enrollment in-house and removing the third-party administrator
  • Bringing all Claims processing and payments on-board and removing outside vendors
  • Removing currently out-sourced customer service so you always speak to Driscoll Health Plan directly
  • Implementing a new software platform that will reduce data migration errors and provide a stable environment ensuring that everyone is always on the same page with member information
  • Exploring new information strategies to keep providers and their staff informed of any changes taking place within the Texas Medicaid System and Driscoll Health Plan  
Don't Let Flu Season Bully You Around...
Watch Out for our Upcoming Antibiotic Stewardship series, Moving Toward 2020! We will bring you strategies, tools and data specifically for South Texas.
Antibiotic Stewardship isn't just the newest fad, multi-drug resistant organisms are here to stay.
Providers are the front-line in preventing the formation and spread of multi-drug resistant organisms. Do your part to educate your staff and patients regarding safe and appropriate antibiotic use.
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Driscoll Health Plan is a non-profit, community-based health insurance plan offering health care coverage to the communities of South Texas. Our insurance products include STAR Medicaid, STAR Kids, CHIP and CHIP Perinatal .
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