TB-1000 Light Test Box
TB-1000 Expands Testing Options for SVL Lights
The new TB-1000 Light Test Box allows users to test various SVL lights in continuous, Multi-Drive,™ and OverDrive™ modes. Connecting the SVL light to the TB-1000 makes it possible to control the intensity and strobe time of the light. Users have the option to connect a camera to the TB-1000, which allows the camera to control the timing of the light and provides the ability to use either PNP or NPN. The test box uses an industry-standard 5-pin M12 quick connect. Read more.
SVL Light Panel Used for Tracking Invertebrate Speed
Exploratory speed drives species' interactions with their environment, from escaping predators to finding mating partners. Researchers recently used automated image-based tracking to characterize the exploratory speed of 173 invertebrates. The team recorded the animals' movement in an environmental chamber, illuminated by an SVL infrared LED light panel.  Read more
Calculate Exposure Times to Manage Pixel Blur
While capturing images of moving objects, the goal is to freeze the motion within the picture. If an object is moving too fast, an image will become blurry or smeared. Learn how to calculate the exposure time for a moving object to eliminate pixel blur. 
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