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October 2015

The latest version of the TVEM (time-varying effect modeling) SAS macro (v. 3.1.0) offers several new features. TVEM allows researchers to answer new questions using  intensive longitudinal data and mature panel studies, as well as answer questions about age-varying effects using less intensive data. 

T he TVEM macro now has the ability to model within-subject correlation. Other improvements have been made to the onscreen output, the available output datasets, the ability to generate plots, and the macro's syntax. 

Question: "My understanding is that when an indicator has no relation to the latent construct of interest, this is represented differently in LCA than in factor analysis. Can you explain how and why?" 

In a new article to appear in Addictive Behaviors, Methodology Center Investigators Stephanie Lanza and Sara Vasilenko apply time-varying effect modeling (TVEM) to explore the link between the age of onset of regular smoking and adult nicotine dependence. 

Testers Wanted: LCA Stata

We are currently testing a new plugin that will allow users of the LCA Stata plugin to estimate the association between a latent class variable and a distal outcome. Until now, this functionality has been available only in the LCA Distal SAS macro

Email mchelpdesk@psu.edu to participate.

Researchers from The Methodology Center and University of North Carolina at Greensboro recently were awarded a grant titled, "Engineering an Online STI Prevention Program." The research team will follow the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST) to design an Internet-based intervention that targets the intersection of alcohol use and sex among college students.

Kari is a research associate at The Methodology Center. For four years, she has worked closely with Methodology Center Director Linda Collins to develop applications of the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST). She discusses being an epidemiologist in The Methodology Center, the  new grant on the intersection of drinking and sex among college students, and more.

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