January 23, 2020
New Teacher Induction
Providing new teachers with the resources they need to succeed.
Busy Burning Out?
As Jesus’ ministry gained a higher profile - his teachings more difficult to understand and the cost to follow him more intense - many of his followers started to flee. One day Jesus asked the sharp question to his 12 disciples, “You do not want to leave too, do you?” Peter’s answer is filled with faith and is a model for us, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life” (John 6:67-68).

For centuries, most people thought the world was flat. They clung to this “truth” even when evidence showed the contrary. That is the flawed nature of human wisdom. It simply can’t be trusted. But Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life.”

In the teaching ministry, our greatest privilege is the chance to share with our students the teachings of Jesus and that assurance that even though we are sinners, we have eternal life through faith.

We strive to deliver high-quality education, and even more important, we pray that our students might make the same confession Peter did. We count on the power of God’s Word.
Resources to Assist You
Ministry Development Planning (MDP) with Beginning Teachers

Plans are being made to align the WELS MDP with NTI mentoring during the teacher’s second year. The process deepens reflection and helps focus on future goals. Beginning teacher MDPs will be shared with Prof. Schaefer during the summer following the first year of teaching.

Teacher Growth Reflection Tool (TGRT)

New teachers, mentors, and administrators (triad) should look forward to working through the second Teacher Growth Reflection Tool of the year before March 15, 2020. It is important for triads to reflect on teacher growth and keep everyone on the same page for next steps. Copies of the Teacher Growth Reflection Tools and protocol are available on the NTI Webpage-Mentor Tools

For 1-year assignments, include in TGRT next steps:
1. Beginning of February the MLC Field Experience Office will send . . .
  • Temporarily Assigned Candidate Update Form (to the one-year assignments)
  • Temporary Teacher Evaluation Form (to the administrators)
2. As much as possible, the final forms are due a month later (early March) and will include the status of the teacher’s call for the upcoming Assignment Committee meetings. 

Post-Holiday Survival Revival

A new year can bring a fresh start and can be a very busy time for teachers! Various tactics have been proposed to meet this time head-on: Post-Holiday Season Survival and Revival Tactics . Useful for all teachers!

Micro-Credentials for Administrators and Mentors

MLC Micro-Credentials align with the skills and competencies gained in the Mentoring and Coaching Certificate Courses. They are a simple way to highlight your expertise! More information is available via these links: Micro-Credentials and Observation Credential .
Upcoming NTI Professional Development
Beginning Teacher Seminars

Analyzing Student Work - Jan 27 @ 7 pm CT

Using Data to Design Small-Group Instruction - Feb 13 @ 7 pm CT

Adjusting Teaching for Different Types of Learners - Feb 24 @ 7 pm CT

Mentor Training Course

Designing Effective Instruction - Feb 24 - Apr 13

Understanding, Supporting, Facilitating a Professional Development Plan - Feb 3 - Mar 16

Feel free to contact your district’s lead mentor for further details or with any questions.
WELS New Teacher Induction
Accelerating New Teacher Growth in Ministry
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