September 20, 2018

New Teacher Induction
Providing new teachers with the resources they need to succeed.
Today is the Day!
Mark 7:5-13 “ The Pharisees and teachers of the law asked Jesus, “Why don’t your disciples live according to the tradition of the elders?
An old proverb says, “Today is a gift to you from God. What you make of it is your gift to him.” The anticipation of a new school year is over and the daily routine begins to settle in to familiar patterns and traditions. How easily we can fail to see each day as a gift.

However, the truth is that if not for God’s favor, we would not wake up each morning, we would not draw breath, we would not have the skills and energy to labor or help others. All that we are and have, we owe to God. More importantly, the gift of each day is the forgiveness of sins that He grants to us through His Son, Jesus. His redeeming work allows us to stand righteous before God. When we share with others the same love Jesus extends to us, we give a gift back to God. It is through faith that our best labors each day are an act of worship to God.
Need To Know
Teacher Growth Reflection Tool - This year NTI is using the Teacher Growth Reflection Tool as a way to keep the focus on the beginning teacher’s overarching goal, maintain good communication between Triad members, and share data with others. In October/November, new teachers--with their mentors and administrators--will use the tool to compile data about the beginning teacher’s practice. District Lead Mentors will send out mentor copies of the Teacher Growth Reflection Tool September 23-October 5. Mentors will share the tool with the Triad. Teacher Growth Reflection Tools are to be completed by November 15.  Reference: Teacher Growth Reflection Tool protoco l .

Schools with one-year assignments will have an additional consideration: Applicable schools are to read further information laid out in a joint letter from WELS New Teacher Induction & the Commission on Lutheran Schools .
Nice To Know
First Quarter Observations -
During September/October, mentors and beginning teachers complete their first classroom observations. During this same period, administrators complete classroom walk-throughs and observations. When requested, NTI will send video equipment (action camera with tripod) to support classroom observation.  Simply use the NTI Camera Request Form .
Upcoming NTI Professional Development
  • Beginning Teacher Seminar:Planning Parent-Teacher Conferences - Oct. 22 @ 7 PM CT
  • Mentor Book Study - Nov. 12 or Nov. 15 @ 7 PM CT
  • Mentor Training Course #2: Observation & Conferencing - Oct. 1-Nov. 12
  • Mentor Training Course #3: Using Data to Inform Instruction - Nov. 1-Dec. 13

Feel free to contact your district’s lead mentor for further details.
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