January 24, 2019
New Teacher Induction
Providing new teachers with the resources they need to succeed.
There Is Still More to Do?!
After an exhausting night of fishing that ended in no catches, the Apostle Peter must have been surprised to hear Jesus say, “Put out into deep water and put down the nets for a catch” (Luke 5:4). Dutifully, Peter did as directed, whether or not he thought this was a good idea.

It was! Their nets began to break and their boat began to sink under the weight of a phenomenal catch. Overwhelmed, Peter responded with humility, “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man.”

But Jesus did not want separation; he wanted service. As miraculous and, most likely, financially profitable as this catch of fish was, Jesus set Peter’s sights on a different goal: “from now on you will fish for people.” Peter’s life would now be to share the good news of sins forgiven and in that way “catch” people for God’s family.

Some 2,000 years later, we who by God’s grace have membership in God’s family have the same call: to give our faith away. During the middle of a school year, we can feel like Peter - unworthy, exhausted, with no catches. Like Peter, God lets us serve him anyway - with blessings in our nets. May we be honored by the privilege and inspired by the trust.
Need To Know
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Documenting Growth - Over the next two months, new teachers will take the time to document their growth with their mentor and principal. The beginning of February, new teachers with one-year assignments will need to complete the TemporarilyAssignedCandidateUpdate , while their administrator completes the TemporaryTeacherEvaluationForm . Theforms are due to the MLC Education Department by March 1, 2019.
Teacher Growth Reflection Tool - In addition, all new teachers, mentors, and administrators complete a second Teacher Growth Reflection Tool for the school year. This second tool charts growth over time, when compared to the first-semester Teacher Growth Reflection Tool, and is used when reporting program progress to district presidents. Your district lead mentors will be sending out your copy of the Teacher Growth Reflection Tool in the next week or so. Mentors will share the tool with their Triad. Teacher Growth Reflection Tools are to be completed by March 29, 2019
Nice to Know
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NTI Coordinating with School Administrators - During the first semester, Principal Johnson at Prairie Lutheran School worked with his school district to use Title II funds for the mentoring of his new teachers. NTI was able to reimburse the school's funds with the Title II funds covering his NTI invoice! Please contact Prof. Schaefer at [email protected] should you like more information.
Mentor Application Period - OPEN!  NTI mentoring aligns with the WELS Teacher Growth and Evaluation Process; in this process administrators and instructional mentors are invaluable because they have training and skills to encourage teachers in a research-based approach that moves teachers' instructional practice forward. A teacher who is interested in becoming a mentor should apply by March 1, 2019.
Upcoming NTI Professional Development
  • Beginning Teacher Seminar: Analyzing Student Work - Jan 28 @ 7 PM CT
  • Mentor Training Course #7: Understanding, Supporting, and Facilitating a Professional Development Plan - Jan 31-Mar 14
  • Mentor Training Course #4: Designing Effective Instruction - Feb 28-Apr 11
  • Mentor Book Study - Mar 11 or Mar 14 @ 7 PM CT

Feel free to contact your district’s lead mentor for further details.
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