September 17, 2019
New Teacher Induction
Providing new teachers with the resources they need to succeed.
Starting Off Well
To his ancient people Israel, God said, "Consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am the LORD your God. Keep my decrees and follow them. I am the LORD who makes you holy" (Leviticus 20: 7, 8). Though these words were spoken long ago, and we are no longer bound by the same ceremonial laws as were the Israelites, these words are relevant to us, God's modern-day people.

"Holy" means "to set apart." While we live, study, begin another school year, and do business in this world, as Christians we take a completely different view of our lives. Following our Lord's commands does set us apart from the unbelieving world. We are not better than anyone else, but we do desire to be different. And as God gives us the faith and strength to follow him, we recognize that in no way can we make ourselves holy.

Note the final sentence of the passage above. God makes us holy by covering our sins with the blood of his son Jesus Christ. In him we enjoy a holy status and a compelling call to share his love. Jesus’ blessings on our school year begun.
Setting Goals and Measuring Growth
Important Information for
One-Year Assignments
Schools with one-year assignments will have an additional consideration. Applicable schools should read the joint letter from WELS New Teacher Induction & the Commission on Lutheran School s   for further information.

 Documenting Growth
Over the next month, mentors and new teachers will take the time to establish and begin working on goals for the semester and school year.

The WELS Teaching Standards and Continuum are tools designed for goal setting. These goals become the foundation for mentoring work, as well as the NTI Teacher Growth Reflection Tool , which is used each semester to support triad meetings between the principal, beginning teacher, and mentor.
Teacher Growth Reflection Tool
New teachers, mentors, and administrators (triads) should look forward to working through the Teacher Growth Reflection Tool toward the end of the first quarter. Most triads were able to schedule these meetings during their district’s New Teacher Seminar. Triad meetings are to be concluded by November 15, 2019
Resources to Assist You
Beginning Teacher Seminars
NTI has a slate of webinars for beginning teachers to attend three or more. Mentors are also invited to join in the webinars. During each 60-minute webinar, teachers have the opportunity to discuss, share, and enjoy learning together. Here are the links for the Beginning Teacher Webinar Calendar and Webinar Registration .

Teacher Survival Toolkit
Not long after the first days of school, teachers can experience a survival phase. The skills to balance time and communication become an essential part of thriving during the first months of the school year. Various strategies have been excerpted to create The New Teacher Survival ToolKit . Useful for all teachers!

Mentoring and Coaching Certificate
Mentors who are taking the NTI training courses for credit are eligible to earn the MLC Mentoring and Coaching Certificate. The credits earned may also be applied to a master's degree and used for teaching license renewal.  CLICK HERE to apply . If a mentor has already started the clock-hour track and would like to switch, please contact Lisa Fenske at  [email protected] .

NEW!! Micro-Credentials for Administrators and Mentors
MLC Continuing Education has recently launched competency-based micro-credentials for instructional supervisors and coaches to deepen and demonstrate their research-proven skills in classroom observation.

These focused and affordable credentials are a great way to add to your learning and highlight your expertise! More information is available via these links: micro-credentials and Observation Credential .
Upcoming NTI Professional Development
Beginning Teacher Seminars
Planning Parent-Teacher Conferences - Oct. 14 @ 7:00 pm CT
Supporting Students’ Memory for What Was Learned - Oct. 21 @ 7:00 pm CT

Mentor Training Course
Observation & Conferencing - Sep. 30-Nov. 11
Using Data to Inform Instruction - Nov. 4-Dec. 16

Mentor Book Study : Teach Like a Pirate!
Sep. 23 or Sep. 26 @ 7:00 pm CT
  Oct. 28 or Oct. 29 @ 7:00 pm CT
Nov. 18 or Nov. 21 @ 7:00 pm CT
Feel free to contact your district’s lead mentor for further details or with any questions.
WELS New Teacher Induction
Accelerating New Teacher Growth in Ministry
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