From Mobile Industrial Robots
New DataMan 370 Series Barcode Readers
  • High resolution sensors enable greater field-of-view
  • New high speed liquid lens can change focus in 2 ms
  • Supports encoder inputs for conveyor position tracking
  • New high-powered integrated torch light
  • Guided laser aimer to clearly map the desired target
P2M Industrial Ethernet Network Node
The P2M functions with the H ISO, H Micro, and Moduflex valve stacks. Designed to provide a cost effective means of connecting Industrial Ethernet for a range of protocols including:
  • EtherNet/IP
  • ProfiNET IO
  • EtherCAT
  • Ethernet Powerlink
  • Modbus TCP
  • CC-Link IE
Magnetic Grippers for Ferromagnetic Materials
  • Picks up ferromagnetic materials such as iron or steel
  • 4 models with grip forces from 20 - 130 lbs
  • The gripper will continue to hold the work piece even with the loss of pneumatic pressure
  • Ideal for robotic end-of-arm tooling, conveyors, feeders, separators, and more
Wide Variety of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
MR Series Conveyors for Custom Solutions
Designed for factory automation and robotic assembly, the MR Series features an open center, slip-roller design for accumulation, and precise product movement. These clean, quiet, and ESD safe conveyors offer fixed or adjustable widths, two roller types, two rail options, and two drives, depending on your system requirements.
Robot Programming Methods
Three common ways to program a robot are by a teaching pendant, teaching by demonstration, and offline programming. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each of those methods...
“Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better.
When it does not exist, design it.”
~Henry Royce