Identify Cobot Applications to Optimize ROI
Everyone is talking about collaborative robots, but how do you achieve that fast return on investment (ROI)? Universal Robots recommends one of four applications to start with: machine tending, packaging, inspection, and drilling.

On July 24th, learn about why you should focus on these four applications, how to calculate your ROI, and create a business case to begin using collaborative robots.
World Class Vision Tools for Collaborative Robots
Cognex has developed a URCap solution with Universal Robots to guide users through communication and hand eye calibration with UR robots. The solution is designed for Cognex In-Sight 2D machine vision systems and leverages Cognex’s world class vision tools for any robot application.

The system can be used to:
  • GUIDE the robot to specific coordinates
  • INSPECT the part after manipulation
  • OUTPUT valuable data for downstream analysis
Complete Vacuum Gripper Systems

  • Certified by UR, vacuum ejector unit with integrated controls. Features large visual status indicators and a user-friendly display.
  • Lightweight, vacuum-driven soft gripper for sensitive and delicate objects, especially with food industry automation in mind.
  • Made for cobots and can handle a great variety of objects. Available with foam technology or as a bag handling gripper.
Large Format, High Resolution Macro Lenses
  • High resolving power 200lp/mm, 20MP
  • High resolution 2.2μm/pixel
  • Large Format 1.1" compatible
Electromechanical Engineering Resources
Parker has compiled important resources to help in your sizing and selection of electromechanical motion control. Resources include linear mechanics comparisons, system considerations, how to size and select, and complete system analysis modeling.

Linear motion can be configured @ Virtual Engineer
Configure Your Own Conveyor System
Using the configurator, download 2D/3D models instantly and receive a detailed priced quote. Or give us a call and we can configure the conveyor with you!