Weekly Bulletin
October 11-15

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Lao Tzu
Energy and Sustainability Week

Follow these tips to save energy and contribute to sustainability:

1.) Unplug electronics
2.) Adjust thermostats
3.) Use reusable water bottles
4.) Compost food and yard waste
5.) Follow all recycle protocols

Congratulations to all of the Tigers who earned a Paw Pride Award this week! Teachers selected those Tigers who show excellent citizenship, follow the class social contract, and work hard everyday! Way to be

Ivan Li
Jermaine Jordan

1st Grade
Viviana Borja
Yannick Tovar
Joseph Martinez

2nd Grade
Katie Avitia
Bryan Merino

3rd Grade
Sofia Aguayo
Alex Tovar Jr.
Abigail Colmenares

4th Grade
Isabella Sosa
Jacob Hernandez Martinez
Maximiliano Arevalo