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LOUVÉE is a beautiful complex geometric design inspired by Modern Art…This optional louver with interlocking design brings Serenity and Divinity to your Space!

Launched with Bellatrix and Joopi pendants, the Louvèe is offered in multiple sizes with premium finishes such as Rose Gold, Silver Metallic, Harvest Gold, Gloss White and Matte Black.



Bringing the warm, rustic feel of wood to classic lighting styles, this collection features a bold, new look with timeless appeal. Crafted entirely by hand to lend authenticity and uniqueness to each fixture, these lights are the new standard for rustic modern design!

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We use only North American hardwoods from suppliers who engage in responsible forestry practices to ensure sustainability. Our suppliers actively combat illegal logging and have policies in place regarding planned felling, minimum tree diameter, and felling rotation to ensure regrowth.

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All of our finishing materials utilize natural oils which are hand rubbed and nontoxic. Each piece is then hand buffed with pure Carnauba wax to seal and protect the finish.

These handcrafted fixtures require minimal maintenance in the form of a periodic dusting with a soft, cotton cloth. If additional waxing is desired, use a Carnauba-based paste wax and buff gently to restore the natural luster.


To create wooden shades and accents, our artisans use hand tools, not automated machines, and pay attention to the particular grain in each piece. Blocks of wood are turned on a lathe using traditional techniques to work the wood into the desired shape and dimension. As every piece of wood has its own character and each is crafted solely by hand, these truly become one-of-a-kind fixtures.

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In our continuing effort to creatively blend rustic and modern styles, we hit upon the captivating combination of warm woods and sleek metal. Part of our inspiration for this new collection of handcrafted fixtures comes from our friend Austin King of Rafterhouse. This Phoenix-based builder specializes in traditional American and post war-era ranch architecture that also blends comfortable, yet sophisticated, styling. Rafterhouse has a well-earned reputation for unique designs and uncompromising quality, attributes that align well with Barn Light Electric's own commitment to producing the very best in American-made lighting.

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Two New Additions to the family!





What better to illuminate a renaissance

painting than the Tuscan sun? Tune into

this interview to hear how architect Rick

Cook uses Ketra to do just that.

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With roots dating back to the 1980s, the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference and festival has become synonymous with Austin culture. Best known for its conference and festivals that bring together the most creative minds in the interactive, film and music industries, SXSW is a magnet for innovation and collaboration. After months of construction, the organization is now the flagship tenant in the eponymous SXSW Center, a curvilinear architectural gem in downtown Austin, featuring panoramic views of the Capitol and surrounding Hill Country. In a departure from traditional function, world-renowned architectural firm Pei Cobb Freed & Partners and architect of record Gensler turned to Ketra lighting to execute their vision of a building lobby that serves not only as a beautiful welcome space, but a featured workspace as well.

Design Goals

  1. Physically manifest the SXSW brand
  2. Achieve LEED Gold certification
  3. Create a space to foster creative collaboration
  4. Reflect the innovative spirit of Austin
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Project photography by Andrea Calo.


On the sustainability side, LEED Gold certification requires careful planning and specific standards for lighting and other physical systems. And given their larger-than-life creative energy, channeling the spirit of SXSW and Austin through light would require an exceptional combination of advanced technology and artistic design.

The Solution

Creative shapes combined with Ketra’s tunable, High Def Palette of colors were the plan for delivering a carefully curated space that shines. Fixtures illuminate a series of triangular cutouts in the ceiling with wooden slats over them that bring to mind guitar strings over a sound hole, while a swath of backlit SXSW logos shine as wall installations. Both the G2 cove lights and the logo wall are set to change color every 30 seconds, so anyone who sits in the lobby for even five minutes will see a wide spectrum of beautiful, true colors.

Products Used:

G2 Linear


Ketra’s high-output linear accent luminaires are ideally suited for cove, wall-wash and grazing applications. Utilizing Ketra’s superior optical design, the G2 delivers exquisite beam quality, resulting in uniform color and intensity across walls and ceilings. The G2 family can be configured and managed on Ketra’s accompanying network.

S30 Lamp


Ketra’s S30 lamp is an all-encompassing LED retrofit solution that can be wirelessly controlled and individually addressable through Ketra’s accompanying software. Title 24 JA8 and Title 20 compliant models are available in the S30's high-efficacy configurations.

N4 Hub

Ketra’s N4 Hub forms a bridge between Ketra products and Ketra digital interfaces such as Design Studio, mobile app, and API commands. With multiple N4s, a user can integrate KNets, allowing for seamless installations no matter how large. With an Internet connection, the Hub can connect to Ketra’s cloud servers to enable backup and remote maintenance functions.

  • Enables control by Design Studio, the Ketra app, or API commands
  • Seamless integration between KNets, allowing for installations with 50+ devices (using multiple N4s)
  • Mounting options: tabletop/wall-mounted, conduit-mounted

N3 Satellite

Ketra’s N3 satellite provides several vital system functions: control of Ketra's linear luminaires, connection to vacancy/occupancy and daylight sensors, integration of third-party products, and on-board memory and astronomical time clock functionality. The N3’s wireless connectivity enables its installation in multiple, convenient locations. To simplify the integration of third-party control systems, it includes multiple configurable inputs and outputs, including: 0-10V, 0-24V, and DMX output.

  • Enables Ketra’s luminaires to join the Ketra control network
  • Integrates sensors for energy and life safety building code compliance
  • Wireless network for easy installation
  • On-board content storage and astronomical time clock
  • Multiple control inputs and outputs for integration of third-party control and lighting products

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New Product Spotlight

LRK-TRH-DFX Retrofit Kit equipped to disinfect occupied spaces 24/7.

Visioneering’s new LRK-TRH-DFX combines the LRK-TRH LED retrofit troffer kit and 365DisInFx™ UVA technology to help in the inactivation of surface bacteria where people are present and conventional lighting is needed. 365DisInFx™ UVA technology has demonstrated inactivation rates of up to 99.7% in 8 hours when tested with several common pathogens like MRSA, E. faecalis, and E. coli1. 

LRK-TRH2x4-DFX image


The 365DisInFx™ UVA Technology Advantage:

• Integrated into our luminaires to help combat the growing colonies of bacteria 24/7

• Eradicates harmful bacteria on all surfaces

• Reduces the exposure of bacteria while a space is occupied

• Continuous disinfection without the need of any personnel to operate or manage

Technical Summary

Safety: 24-hour dosage is designed to operate below human health exposure limits per IEC 62471 Photobiological Safety for Lamps and Lamp Systems standard and American Conference of American Hygienists (ACGIH®) TLVs® guidelines.

Disinfection Light Source: 365nm UVA light emitted is invisible to the human eye and does not impact CCT or CRI.

Light Control: Fixture LED white light source may be controlled by wired or wireless controls and is dimmable to 5%. The UVA disinfection light source has a fixed output and operates continuously on a separate circuit.

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Quantum Floodlight

 Model#: UQA-500XX      Ratings:  IP66   Class II   F   CE   IK08   ETL


Quantum small, medium and large LED floodlight range with a modern and smart design. The high pressure die-cast housings have integrated heat sinks, as well as a internal waterproof control gear housing compartment. The mounting arm is attached to a ratcheting tilting adjustment that is lockable once the desired aiming position has been achieved. This mechanism allows for small incremental adjustments for precision aiming. This fixture has been designed around powerful high performance LEDs and precision optics so that the luminaire can be used to illuminate various applications from building facades to high multi story surfaces and accents. This luminaire range is available with RGBW dynamic color changing technology, or static white LEDs to give the specifier artistic lighting options within the same unified product family. Available in Narrow, Medium, Wide and Elliptical light distribution. RGBW full colors render for each LEDs and static white for Color temperature 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. Single cable gland entry for wiring is standard. Optional anti-glare louvers are available as an option. Consult factory for available configurations.

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Who's coming to town?

The following manufacturers will be visiting us in Arizona! If you are interested in having them come to your office to see some of their latest technology in person, please reply to this e-mail with who you are interested in seeing, and your account representative will make it happen!


Wednesday, August the 4th & Thursday the 5th with Ligman


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Tuesday, August the 17th and Wednesday the 18th with Apogee Lighting

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Tuesday, August the 24th, Wednesday the 25th & Thursday the 26th

with Fulham

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2001 W. ALAMEDA DR., SUITE 101


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