Timberline High School Announces

New Head Swim Coach

Boise, ID -- 07/25/2023 -- Timberline High School is pleased to announce the following appointment effective immediately for the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

Hailey McGahan - Head Swim Coach, Timberline High School

Hailey McGahan grew up in Boise, where she attended Boise High School and swam for the City of Boise Summer League starting at eight years of age. By the time she was 16, she was

swimming and working as an Assistant Coach. From there, she moved on to being the Head Coach for the Lowell Swim Team for four years. After that, she continued to work for the City of Boise working as the Swim Team Coordinator running the swim meets. She worked behind the scenes with the organization of parent volunteers, running the computer systems, and working with the coaches and officials to make sure the meets ran smoothly. 


After spending most of her life in Boise and graduating from Boise State University 2017, Coach Hailey spent a few years living in Europe teaching English. After returning to Boise she picked up where she left off, but only this time coaching the Sawtooth Masters Swim team expanding her coaching range to working with adults while

attending graduate school at Northwest Nazarene University. After a season with Sawtooth, she made the transition to coaching club and has been coaching the Boise Swim Club ever since and, in addition, is currently teaching high school Economics and Government at Frank Church High School. 

When not in school or working in the swimming world, you can find Coach McGahan spending time with her friends and family, biking around Boise, spending time by the river, or snowboarding at Bogus Basin.

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