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Food, entertainment, giveaways and the launch of our spring Monster challenge
Spring Parts
Warm Up Those Mitts with Heat Demon grip warmers!!

There's nothing worse than heading back early. Extend your ride with the comfort and warmth provided by our Heat Demon grip warmers. Any ride, any fit, any style.

   *5 color LED lights  indicate the heat level selected 

 *Thermister feedback keeps grip heat at the selected level regardless of voltage variation

*Fast warm up

*Easy to install

 *Increases riding safety and comfort  


Heat Demon  revolutionizes the riding season!


Check Out Our 

 Video below

Robbie talks about heated grips
Robbie talks about heated grips


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March, 26 2014
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Cyclewise News & Information
Spring Riding!!


Spring is officially here!

There are many ways to get out and ride as this photo suggests.

Some helpful tips you can do to prepare for riding


 Batteries - Hopefully your battery has been on a trickle charge all winter, if not bring it in for a free load test, we can also charge and test the battery for you.


Tires - Look over your tires, if you see cracking on the sidewalls or in the tread or if the tread depth is less than 2/32 of an inch it is time to replace it.  For a quick check for tread depth insert a penny upside down into a groove in the center of the tire, 2/32 of an inch is right at the top of Lincoln's head.  Tires must be properly inflated, this is critical for performance and life of your tire.  Always check your tire pressure when the tire is cold, before a ride or at least 3 hours after a ride.


Brakes - Make sure brakes are properly working and the thickness of your pad should be a minimum of 2mm.  With a flashlight you should be able to see this without removing the caliper and be sure your brake fluid reservoir is full.


Chain - Make sure to clean and then lube your chain. If it is not freed from all the build up and you keep lubing the chain it is just sealing in the dirt causing more wear on the chain.  Check the chain for proper tension, it should hang softly and there should not be any kinks.


Gas - If you did not treat your fuel before putting your bike away you will want to drain the tank and put in fresh gas, Ethanol is evil!


Oil - If you did not change your oil before storing it over the winter you will want to change it.  Combustion contaminants in the oil cause internal corrosion when left sitting for too long.


Lights and signals -  Make sure all lights and signals are properly working.


After a long winter, there is a very dangerous residual leftover. Loose SAND & SALT is everywhere on corners, intersections, and sides of the road. This is a severe danger to all two wheeled vehicles. The core road temperature will still be cold so allow more time for your tires to warm up.


So get on those long johns, heated gear and head on in to see us.  Come on we are Vermonters we can handle a little chill for the thrill of an early ride! 

Call us with any questions 388-0669

Breaking News!!!!!

           Cyclewise Has A NEW Grip On

 Tire prices and installs!
You spoke and we listened

We at Cyclewise | Ducati Vermont realize that tires are a big part of your yearly expense. So we have revamped our pricing structure.

 *We have New Aggressive pricing on all popular brands such as, Dunlop, Pirelli, Metzler, Avon, Michelin & Bridgestone. 


*New labor install price as low as $31 per tire for Motorcycles and $10 for ATV's


*There are no Mount and Balance fees


Cyclewise new grip on tires 
Cyclewise new grip on tires

 So with over 150 tires in stock for just about every make and model and our new pricing we are sure to meet your needs.


Give us a call today 388-0669

Going To Bonneville Salt Flats

Gary's Story


Gary Marceau's first encounter with Cyclewise was at a Ducati jamboree in Stratton VT about five years ago. When he first walked by their booth he was shocked and had no idea that there was Ducati dealer in VT let alone central to the surrounding area. At this point one could say that it was "Love at First Sight" Gary was pleased with the atmosphere and customer service that was presented to him. He was not just a number, but part of the family in a manner of speaking.

        In 2010 Gary bought a black Ducati 848, his first bike from Cyclewise. As time passed and with many frequent visits for causal shoptalk, we found out that Gary had a love for speed, "as many of us do" but for Gary his desire was for the salt flats in Bonneville.  In 2008, Gary made a trip down to Bonneville with his Harley Davison. After his allotted two runs, and a long trip home he was hooked!

       As we all know, Graham "the man that keeps us on two wheels" has the ability to pull information out of us and just talk!  But for Gary this talk turned into something a little more.  Gary and Graham started conversing about the salt flats and what aspirations and dreams Gary had. As a result Graham found Gary a 1972 Kawasaki 500 triple two-stroke project bike. Over this past year Gary has been working on his 500 triple, hoping to get it ready for the trip down to Bonneville.  But even with some busted knuckles and blood it just was not enough to make the trip this year. Gary hopes to have his bike ready for next year along with a few good stories to go with it. Stay tuned for some updates and in the mean time if you find yourself at the top of the Application Gap stop at the picnic tables, a favorite hangout for Gary and share a story or two of your own. 

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