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It's a year so big, they added a day for more games!

The Buzz from Buonocore
Each ye ar, the winter season is gets busier and busier.  There's really no time to "rest", as we get everything set up for the year ahead -- playtesting, reviewing Essen games, signing new titles, proofing, developing in-house projects, directing artwork, and working with partners. It has become as busy as any other time of the year.   

By the middle of March, I will have been to two major trade-shows already in 2016, as well as a local NJ convention -- oh, and at the NJ convention last weekend, I was really sick!  I write to you now still being sick.  I have no time for illness! 

Wait... didn't I tell myself that  I couldn't keep up the pace of the 17 new titles I did in 2015?  I feel a lie coming on...

Really, I can't complain.  There's been so much positive momentum over the last several years.  I feel it and you've told me that you see it too.  And this year is already off to a big start with the recent announcement that we have entered into a strategic partnership with eggertspiele, the great German publisher.  That partnership is testament to the last years and represents a significant leap forward for Stronghold.

Back in 2012, the last Leap Year, Stronghold Games began a transformation. We went from a small company with a few titles published to one where many other publishing companies across the world began to ask us to work together with them.  As you can see from the eggertspiele announcement, as well as the other recent big Terraforming Mars announcement, we continue to cultivate those relationships to bring you more and more great games.  

So what is significant about this Leap Year?

As some of you know, I have "another job" in addition to being the sole owner and President of Stronghold Games.  The big leap for me personally would be to leave that other job and run Stronghold Games solely, full-time. Before the end of 2016, I hope to make this happen. 

I'm working extra hard this year to bring you the very best titles that I can to make this happen.  Remember that promise to slow down and do less games this year?  The lie is upon me... but it is for a good reason.

If it looks like an abundance of riches below, good -- that's on purpose!  I know that there are a few games for everyone in this year's offerings. In fact, I'm curious to hear which games you're most excited about from what has already been announced.  Hopefully, you'll be taking the leap with me this year too -- in the form of following Stronghold Games, and choosing to pick up the games that are most appealing to you.  You won't regret it!  

2016... T his is *the* Leap Year for Stronghold Games.   Check out the games that are already on the schedule.  Watch for more announcements over the coming weeks and months.  And... watch Stronghold Games make the next great leap in game publishing! 

Thank you for your continued support.  

Stephen M. Buonocore
Stronghold Games, LLC
Pocket Line Expands
There's a lot packed into these smaller boxes!

The success of  Diamonds by Mike Fitzgerald was a pleasure to see when it was released in 2014. It has the feel of an instant classic. That's hard to achieve -- Mike hit that one out of the park.  He set the bar very high!

While trends in the hobby point towards an expanding audience and a demand for shorter play times, that doesn't mean gameplay needs to be sacrificed. The Stronghold Games Pocket Line was started to deliver games that appeal to a more casual audience, but are still satisfying to more demanding gamers. 

Well,  Diamonds isn't alone anymore.. .

Released in 2014
Available in May

Available in May

2-6 Players
30 minutes
Ages 10+

Designed by Carl Chudyk

Ah, the beauty of nature and the joys of camping in the wilderness. What a glory to roam around the forest---but not when there's bears everywhere! More like "glory to home"... See what I did there?  :)

In Bear Valley, you must be the first to survive the treacherous wilderness and escape to the safety of the camp at the end of the valley. Players start as 2-6 campers along the Bear River and must navigate the wilderness, avoiding bears and trying to not get lost.
The map of trails and challenges is built by the players as they explore the wilderness. These wilderness cards feature beautifully illustrated realistic art and have between three and six exit points along with a variety of features, both man-made and natural in origin. No two games will ever play the same.

Gameplay is structured around a clever movement mechanism of exploring and/or traversing the wilderness.  Players can push forward deeper and deeper into the wilderness, but if they go too far and get lost, they return to their starting point and do not move.  They must balance how far they try to move with the chance of getting lost... or eaten by a bear! 

Each of the six player characters has both advantages and disadvantages that can be used across a variety of play options - short or long play, regular or advanced.
2-4 Players
10 Minutes
Ages 10+

Dice Tower Seal of Excellence

Stellar Conflict is a fast-paced space combat game with real-time elements set in the Among the Stars Universe.

In this game -- which reimplements Light Speed by James Ernest and Tom Jolly -- players are an alien race in a space skirmish. Each alien race has its own power and abilities which grant different advantages and tactics in combat.

"I highly, HIGHLY recommend this game!" 
- Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower
Important Note: One of Tom Vasel's only criticisms of Stellar Conflict was that the box wasn't big enough. In this new edition by Stronghold Games, we made the box is bigger!. So, it's even better now!

New Summer Titles
Continuing to find and import the finest titles form Europe

Earlier this month we announced that you can spend this summer on Mars with
Terraforming Mars. Why limit yourself to Mars when you can also plunder treasure with friends in Stronghold's first pirate game! You can even immerse yourself in espionage in a small town on the coast of Portugal during World War II. And if that's not enough, come back to the present day and try to avoid stress so that you can live your ideal life.

The incredible range and depth of the Stronghold catalog continues...


2-4 players, 30 minutes, Ages 8+

Build the biggest, baddest, best Pirate ship on the high seas.

In  Piratoons , each turn begins with a treasure of boat parts and equipment being revealed. Then, at the same time, each pirate rushes to allocate crew in an effort to plunder the best loot . This initial loot plus any acquired from an auction for the leftover pieces will become part of your ship.  Assemble your ship in a fun spatial puzzle to become the most notorious pirate!

Because of the unique mechanisms in  Piratoons , you really need to see an overview of how this game works. Find out why Tom Vasel gave it his
Dice Tower Seal of Approval right here:


2-4 players, 45-60 minutes, Ages 10+

In City of Spies: Estoril 1942,  players are competing against each other to form the most powerful and influential secret organization of spies. 

Based on historical facts, the game takes place on famous locations around Estoril, Portugal.  This small town has a casino, beach, hotels, and wonderful weather --- and it was a center of espionage and diplomatic secrecy during the Second World War.

Find out why Tom Vasel gave this his DICE TOWER SEAL OF EXCELLENCE:

Important Note: Tom Vasel's review was done before Advanced and Variant Rules were added to the game. We did significant development on the base game with the designers to add in more options, more depth, and more challenges for gamers. So, it's even better now!
1-4 Players, 60-90 minutes, Ages 12+

The Pursuit of Happiness  is a game in which you take a character from birth and you live the life you always wanted. Using a worker-placement mechanism with time as your workers, you take on projects, you get jobs, you buy items, you establish relationships, you raise families. The possibilities of the life that you live are endless.

How much will you be able to achieve in just one lifetime?  See the art, learn the game, and find out why Tom Vasel gave it his  Dice Tower Seal of Approval here:

Important Note: Tom's review was done before Artipia Games ran a very succesful Kickstarter for this new edition that adds new cards, new content, new art, and even pets to the game. There were so many improvements made by the Kickstarter -- and no exclusive content. So, it's even better now!

Board Games Insider
Providing a Unique Tabletop Perspective in only 30 Minutes!
The first year of the podcast with Ignacy Trzewiczek has been absolutely fantastic. I think I get more compliments about the podcast than my games! I don't know what to think of that... 

We're so pleased you like it. It's only 30 minutes, you get the perspective of two publishers, and we take questions from our listeners over at our guild on BGG:

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How many Titles for 2016?
Here's 16 Stronghold Games for 2016 ...and hints for more!

Stronghold Games was able to put out so many great titles in 2015 (including
La GranjaDark Moon 504 Survive: Space Attack Space Cadets: Away Missions , etc.). So many in fact that some games from 2015 actually spilled over into 2016.  These three impressive titles are all now available everywhere...

At this very moment some of the early new releases for 2016 are at the printers getting ready for you. If everything goes according to plan, we should start to see the first of these new games in April. And after that, the Leap Year momentum just keeps rolling and rolling... 

That's a lot to be excited about. And here's the big secret that probably won't surprise you... there's even more coming. Yes, I am crazy -- but at least now you know why this could be *the* big Leap Year.  Would you like some hints at other games I'll be publishing? 
Here are hints at more titles coming from Stronghold Games: 
  • There's a new title coming from a noteworthy American designer. What makes this new game really interesting is that it will be his first solo design -- because he is famous for his design partnerships. 
  • Two expansions. Possibly three. Can you guess which games? For which games would you like to see new expansions?
  • A game by a major design team about the anniversary of a major historical event -- aiming for this year's Internationale Spieltage in Essen, Germany.  
When will this madness end? Here's my last hint: If everything comes together and works out, your wallets may be screaming, "STAY! STAY!" while I am busy saying, "HIT ME, HIT ME!" until the House can't possibly win.  Let's  see if I can pull this off. I'll need your help.

In the meantime, tell me which titles above make YOU leap!   

What do you think?