Now Available: SMCCP 2.0 Training
The Strengthening Military-Civilian Community Partnerships To Respond to Sexual Assault (SMCCP) 2.0: Responding to Military LGBTQ+ Survivors of Sexual Assault training is now available for victim service providers.

SMCCP 2.0: LGBTQ+ is an interactive, 2-hour supplemental module to the current SMCCP training. SMCCP 2.0: LGBTQ+ allows community- and military-based advocates and allied providers to take a more indepth look at serving military LGBTQ+ sexual assault survivors.

Throughout the training, participants will learn the current language and terms used when working with LGBTQ+ communities, identify statistics of LGBTQ+ military sexual assaults, discuss trauma-informed approaches to serving military LGBTQ+ victims, and identify on- and off-installation resources. By increasing awareness and knowledge, both community and military victim advocates will begin or build on their understanding of LGBTQ+ survivors of sexual assault in the military and how best to serve them.

If you would like additional information about SMCCP 2.0: LGBTQ+, or to learn how to bring this training to your installation or community, please contact OVC TTAC at
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