A Note from Scott and Marsha
January 10, 2019
For 2019, I'm pretty excited about all the things we have going on. It is simply going to be amazing. I know I'm partial but I simply can't help myself. We are deep into a new landscape software that will change us for the future. Do you know what else I'm excited about and partial to? This girl. This young woman. This partner in crime. Viridian, our Landscape Administrator. For you hooked on phonics people, sounds like Vee'dee dyan. "V" for short.  When this software was first considered, I can't describe the anxiety that came over me. I'm all about some improvements.   Some. Not all . So as Scott and I rolled around in the yard hashing out my every possible reason this was a terrible idea and I did mean terrible idea, Viridian sweetly sits and waits until it is her turn to speak. And then do you know what she did? SHE TURNED ON ME! She took his side. Insert my audible shock here. I was like, "Wwwwwhhhhaaaaatttt did you say? I thought we were FRIENDS!" These days "whipper snappers" roll with technology changes far easier than some of us can. So guess what we did? Viridian is the proud torch-carrying guru of our new software and is learning it inside and out. I'm so proud of her. She has spent countless hours watching videos, chatting with the help desk, asking questions, putting together our "how to" system and procedures. She is absolutely the right person for such a time as this. She keeps us calm. She answers our questions. She never gets excited or rattled. She is sane and she keeps us sane. I love her so much I just want to get up from desk and squeeze her. If you haven't met her in our offices or in the Garden Center on a busy Saturday, you are simply missing out. She has a heart of gold. So, here's a public declaration of our adoration and appreciation to you, Viridian. Give her a call and you will see she is another one who loves helping you bring green home!  
We know how busy you are! Allow us to take lawn maintenance off your plate. Our crews will handle the mowing, trimming, and pruning that need to be done to keep your lawn looking great, and we will make your life easier. You'll have free time to spend with friends or family, and enjoy your lawn being the envy of the neighborhood!
Our lawn maintenance crews work on a rotating schedule and will be at your home or business on the same day, at approximately the same time every week. You can rest easy knowing we will be there when promised and if you have any concerns, you can easily reach us Monday through Friday.
Freshly mulched beds and outdoor areas do wonders for the appearance of your landscape. Mulching or pine straw installation is a service our maintenance division offers to clients. We help you have the best looking landscape on the block. Contact us today to set up a free estimate .
Our  blog   is updated weekly with posts to educate and help you bring green home. We are a bit behind, but we have lawn and garden tips for January . Don't forget to keep your houseplants healthy ( they help keep you healthy ). Our website also has information about all three divisions at FGS:   Garden Center Landscape Design and Installation   and  Lawn Maintenance .
We are working on getting the Garden Center ready for spring! There will be quite a few changes that will be going on over the next couple months. We have an excellent selection of houseplants, trees, shrubs, gifts and more. We also have many gift items on CLEARANCE , so come check it out! Come by and enjoy our beautiful property with your family and visit our goats, ducks and alpaca. Just a reminder, we are closed on Sundays during the winter months.
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