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Here's what local worksite wellness leaders
are saying about The People Project:
“Since we started The People Project, I have noticed a lot more 'Please' and 'Thank Yous' being thrown out and people noticing or at least asking if they need help with something. I thought we as a company did a good job to start with, but since kindness and gratitude were topics of the People Project, I really noticed how much our employees do show kindness and gratitude to each other.”

— Cheri LeBrun, human resources manager at United Farmers Cooperative

“We implemented quite a few of the suggested activities from The People Project and our staff felt like it drove them more. It helped to improve their work every day. They really appreciated the support they received from leadership to show gratitude toward the activities and the staff. Since COVID, we have not been able to do as much out in the community conducting random acts of kindness as we normally would, so participating in this program has helped to fill that gap.”

— Sarah Mertz, retail manager at Midwest Bank