CPP Program - Key Updates
Flu Vaccine Updates
Shipping Schedule

Schedule to Ship for 2022-2023 Season: For those who have a flu reservation with Sanofi for the upcoming flu season, you are now able to schedule your shipments for this fall. See this flashcard for details and schedule your shipments by June 17, 2022. 

Season Returns

2021-2022 Season Returns: If you have unused flu vaccines from the current flu season, Sanofi has published a guide to help assist you in requesting credit for returned doses. Expired influenza vaccine returns are accepted beginning after May 1, 2022 and must be returned by July 31, 2022.

AAP Flu Recommendations

The AAP announced there will be no changes made to flu recommendations for the 2022-2023 season. This guidance is the same recommendation issued for the 2021-2022 season. Practices can use either flu shots or nasal spray flu vaccines for their patients. The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is expected to meet in June, however changes are not anticipated.

Interested in additional information regarding CPP discounted pricing on flu vaccines? Contact the CPP office at [email protected] or call 614-722-2145.
Annual Vaccine Management Check-Up
CPP has created a new tool to help you check up on the financial health of your vaccine management practices. Through this tool you will:

  1. Recap vaccine-related updates from 2021.
  2. Measure the financial impact of vaccines for 2021.
  3. Enhance what is working well and/or easily identify and remedy areas of concern.
  4. Understand what to expect in vaccine management for 2022.

Click HERE to get started! 
Valuable Resources
New Vaccine Management Payor Survey Coming June 1

Keep an eye on your email inbox for a new survey from CPP that, once completed, will give you actionable insights into the financial health of your immunization services.

After completing the survey, participants will be able to answer key questions like:

  • Are you appropriately raising your fees when vaccine price increases go into effect?
  • Are your vaccine payments adequately covering your vaccine costs?
  • Is your practice taking advantage of advance pricing notices to order vaccines before prices increase?
  • How and when do you incorporate a new vaccine into your vaccine schedule?

Participants who complete the survey process will receive a $100 honorarium (Provided as an Amazon gift card to the first 50 respondents. Limit one per tax ID.) as well as aggregated, de-identified data from survey respondents.

Meningococcal ACWY Updates

Explore the updated www.Give2MenACWY.org website, which provides a variety of resources to increase rates for the Meningococcal ACWY booster and other adolescent vaccinations. One particular resource updated on the site is the: Algorithm for MenACWY Immunization in Adolescents 11 through 18 Years of Age.

CPP's 2nd Dose Program can help your practice increase adolescent immunization rates for Meningococcal ACWY and earn an educational grant up to $1,000. Practices will examine 2nd dose completion rates for vaccines that require more than one dose to complete the series, implement an intervention in their office to help improve these rates, and share best practices with other CPP members to earn the grant!
Important Dates
Ohio Public Health Combined Conference

May 24-25 - CPP will be in the exhibition hall for the Ohio Public Health Combined Conference 2022 at the Hilton/Columbus – Polaris in Columbus, OH. We would love to meet you in person! Stop by the booth for vaccine management resources or a vaccine tray for your practice!

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