July 11, 2019 
OrderInsite's Solutions Help You Manage
Inventory, Purchasing and Compliance


American Pharmacies is excited to announce a preferred vendor partnership with OrderInsite, which provides a comprehensive suite of pharmacy solutions for managing inventory, purchasing, compliance and workflow.

OrderInsite™ offers robust tools and advanced analytics to manage and control prescription drug inventory. Their solutions integrate with your existing practice management, head office communication, and ordering systems. Automatic bi-directional data feeds between your systems and their cloud-based software provide for streamlined implementation. Modules are designed to work together but can be applied independently depending on your needs.

Inventory Management
The inventory management solution takes historical demand, current market activity and pricing changes into account to properly forecast demand for each drug at each location. These forecasts are used to automatically set accurate re-order points and quantities while identifying slow-moving inventory in one location for transfer.

Consistent validation of on-hand quantities is necessary for accurate inventory reporting. OrderInsite's solutions deliver consistent customer-defined cycle counts to each store and analyze how often variances exist. Easily accessed analytics alert stores to items that can be returned to suppliers to decrease expirations and profits lost to reverse distribution.

Purchasing Management
OrderInsite's management tools capture purchase orders from your pharmacy system and apply advanced business rules so that each item is directed to the appropriate supplier and the optimal price is achieved. Once the supplier is selected, the integrated EDI gateway then automatically routes the orders to the right supplier and verifies items received against the original order. The solution integrates with your 340B processor so that items shipped as a result of your 340B activity are removed from your regular order to help control inventory swell.

Centralized reporting that includes items purchased directly from supplier websites provides the visibility you need to make sure that your stores are staying in compliance with your internal warehouse and/or primary supplier commitments.

All of this is automated into one simple process that saves time regardless of how complex your supply chain may be.

Using data interfaces and the power of the cloud, compliance tools monitor each store's dispensing, adjustment, purchasing and receiving information, along with other data patterns to identify and alert for potential diversion. Once diversion is suspected, our application provides an easy-to-use documentation to capture the underlying data, assign and escalate tasks to users and create reporting that will support your internal compliance procedures.
Track and trace solutions capture drug pedigree information (T3 data) and provide a central repository and reporting solution to support efforts to comply with DSCSA.

APRx members receive discounted pricing on OrderInsite's solutions, plus additional savings for bundling two or more modules. (Bundling the Inventory Management and Purchasing Management Modules produces a $15 monthly savings, and the Compliance module can be added on for a $75 monthly fee). Subscriptions are available for one-, two- and three-year terms, with the setup fee waived for three-year contracts. 

As the number of subscribing APRx members increases to targeted levels, per-store pricing will drop for existing subscribers by as much as $50 monthly.

For more information or to enroll, contact OrderInsite at 866-230-3938.

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