New Vendor for Protective Barriers and Social Distancing Floor Labeling

APSC, in conjunction with Federation of Pharmacy Networks (FPN), has endorsed Proforma Effective Solutions. Proforma Effective Solutions specializes in free standing acrylic barriers and social distancing floor labeling . The free-standing acrylic barriers will help protect your customers and employees during this unique time and are available in three different sizes to suit your specific counter dimensions. The social distancing floor labeling is available in two sizes: 12” circle or 12” X 14” rectangle and are available in multiple quantities.

Proforma Effective Solutions is offering FREE Drop Shipping through June 30, 2020. Order online and use code: DROP . The promotional flyers below list pricing for items.

For additional information, please contact Tim Meffert by telephone at 262-677-8262 or via email at .
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