NEW: Intrinsic Strength and the Fatigue Limit
Do you need a quick way to assure very long life under cyclic loads? If so, then you need to measure your rubber's intrinsic strength with the Coesfeld Intrinsic Strength Analyser.
It Sounds Like Magic but it is Really Advanced Science and Technology
When people ask me what Endurica does I tell them: You give us a computer file of one full use cycle of your design – be it a tire design or one rotation of a pump that you’re building a seal for – along with a sample of the rubber you’re making the product of and Endurica will tell you when it will break and where...
Do YOU have what it takes to be a Fatigue Ninja?
Endurica Fatigue Ninja
#FatigueNinja :
a highly-skilled engineer
who understands
the fatigue fundamentals of rubber
and is trained in the use
of Endurica solutions to
Get Durability Right.
Endurica Expert Training Around the World
Rubber Necking - a special addition of things that make us look twice!
A cool thing that made us look again
It Glows! Researchers have created a polymer that can warn of damage developing in a material before the stress causes structural failure.
Where is Endurica (and @EnduricaWill) Bouncing to Next?
May 8, 2019
Endurica Master Classes in Spain
May 13-15, 2019
Course to be held at
Leartiker - Bizkaia Spain
May 16-17, 2019
Course to be held at
Leartiker - Bizkaia Spain
Compounding for Durability
June 11-12, 2019
Akron, Ohio, USA


June 17-20, 2019
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

June 25-27, 2019
La Cite Nantes Congress Centre, France

September 3-5, 2019
London, United Kingdom

September 3-5, 2019
featuring the Expo, 198th Technical Meeting & Educational Symposium
Knoxville, Tennesse USA

The right know-how, at the right time
The right know-how, applied at the right time, can make all the difference to your project’s success. Endurica’s expertise and technology portfolio can be quickly and confidently engaged READ MORE
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