"A Personal Walk"
Video Series

       We have just added Sally's "A Personal Walk" DVD series to our channel. You can visit our channel by going to "" then type in J im & Sally Hohnberger and that will bring you to our channel.

       Now you can view the 4 video presentations of Sally's "A Personal Walk" series for free and share them with your friends. If you want more of the same just purchase our CD series online which has 6 messages in the CD set.

       In "A Personal Walk" you will come to see what true religion is and some of the how to's of living that life hid with Christ in God. Believing God's Word over your feelings, emotions and habits ... Making a Decision to follow God not your old ways ... Your no means no ... Your actions match all these things. In such a life you will be enabled to live above the pull of your appetites and passions, above your inclination and impulses as you learn to choose the Spirit rather than the flesh. Here is where Divine Power attends your human effort. Being self-led is a miserable state of failure--no power. You can Choose to be God-Led and be Empowered. A New life of peace not anxiety!  
        The religion that comes from God is the only religion that will lead to God. It's vitally important to come to see the distinction between God with us and God in us so we can enter into that life cleansed from wrong habits, healed from wrong inclinations, and healed from history issues. Led by God in this personal walk, we are prepared to enter into the Promised Land of living a life above the pull of the flesh in the present.

Message Titles included in the DVD series are: 
       1. God With Us--Is that Enough?
       2. Peter's Ladder
       3. Overcoming Appetites
       4. Possessing the Land 

     Tired of the cycle of sinning, repenting and feeling a failure? Learn how to let Christ In you and walk the desired life of victory over those besetting sins. Go to our You Tube Channel and see what you can learn to help you come closer to God.

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