August 2018
DART-MS News for March 2019

We have 2 events at the upcoming Pittcon2019 Conference in Philadelphia, March 17-21, as well as several posters on DART.

We also have a new video on the Application Modules that can enable a wide range of samples on the DART Source. See the video below.
NEW Video - Application Modules for DART-MS
The DART Modules allow you to automatically present a wide range of samples to the DART - powders, solutions, extracts, surfaces, and irregular materials. This simplifies the process and insures reproducible sampling.
See the DART-QDa at Pittcon 2019

We will have the DART-QDa running demonstrations in Philadelphia. If you wish to see the system operate, please contact Darlene Murphy

Additionally we are a sponsor of the Separations Community Mixer on March 19 at 5:30-9:00. If you would like a ticket to this exciting annual event please contact Darlene.

The rapid identification capabilities of DART-MS will be highlighted by several presentations showing DART's capabilities across a range of applications

 IonSense will present the following posters:

  • Developing DART-MS Spectral Libraries for the General Unknown Screening of Drugs

  • Thermal Desorption Ambient Ionization Screening with High Throughput Mass Analysis
Additionally there is an oral presentation on:

  • Combating the Opioid Crisis Using a Portable Mass Spectrometry Screening Technique Kern, Sara; Falconer, Travis M; Litzau, Jonathan J; Lorenz, Lisa M; Toomey, Valerie M; Voelker, Sarah E - US Food and Drug Administration; Li, Frederick - IonSense

And several posters on::

  • Evaluation of an Open Ambient Ionisation Source Coupled to a Portable Mass Detector as a Tool for the Rapid Detection of Undeclared Active Ingredient in Online Health Supplements Henry, Chris; Rainville, Chris - Waters Corporation

  • Two Innovative Devices for DART MS Systems Gonzales, Derek; Takei, Chikako; Yoshizawa, Kenichi - BioChromato Inc.

  • Chemometric Processing of Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) Mass Spectrometric Data for the Identification and Classification of New Psychoactive Substances Musah, Rabi A; Beyramysoltan, Samira; Fogerty, Meghan G; Fowble, Kristen L - University at Albany, SUNY

  • Establishing Exposure to Organic Explosive Compounds by Mass Spectrometric Means Longo, Cameron M; Musah, Rabi A - University at Albany, SUNY

  • Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometric Approaches for Analyses of Ancient Textiles Armitage, Ruth Ann; Campos Ayala, Jennifer - Eastern Michigan University

  • Getting a Good Date: The Effects of Chemical Pretreatments on Rock Art Binding Media and Implications for Radiocarbon Dating Armitage, Ruth Ann; Bower, Andrew - Eastern Michigan University
About IonSense

IonSense Inc. , established in 2005, is the leading provider of Open Air/Ambient Ionization sources, systems and integrated solutions for the $4B Mass Spectrometry marketplace. Headquartered in Saugus, MA the company manufactures, sells and markets the DART ® (Direct Analysis in Real Time) ionization source, the first open air ionization product to be patented and sold commercially.

Contact us to see how you can add DART-MS to your lab - email to or one of our International Distributors .