Dear Mamas + Mama Tree Alumni,
I just got back from Clover's college graduation from Lawrence University, Leo's high school graduation (he is going to Berklee College of Music in the Fall!), and a yoga retreat in Fiji! Wow summer has already been such a whirlwind of emotions and joys. It was SO nice to be a student and getaway for a week in the sun and with good company :) 

It's good to be back home in SF and summer appears to have arrived. Wishing you all a lovely Summer Solstice this week! 

In this issue I'm excited to share some juicy wisdom on : 
  • Pelvic Floor Health Tips for ALL WOMEN 
  • And we've included some Homeopathy remedies for Nausea
  • Get the details on the *New* Main Street Mamas Clubhouse location in SF at Stonestown Galleria
  • In the challenging times we are living in, every little bit helps when it comes to supporting families in need and one of my students has offered some great ways to support mamas and families at the border
Here is a short little video and a reminder to do your Wave Squats every day! This one in particular is for all of you butt grippers out there :)

Hope to see you soon!

P.S. Each newsletter is full of lots of great tips for preggo & new mamas, and please feel free to forward it to your friends, sisters, mothers and anyone interested in women's health and empowerment.  
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Pelvic Floor Health : Things You Can Do at Home 
by  Charisse Balance, DPT, RYT

A bit about the pelvic floor

Pelvic floor PT (PFPT) focuses on the skeletal muscle function of the pelvic floor. It also focuses on the muscle function of the abdominal wall and diaphragm, as all three (PF, Abdominal wall and diaphragm) work together to stabilize the midsection and provide support to the internal organs.

This is SO important because your pelvic floor is responsible for "the three Ps": Peeing, Pooping and Pro-creating (Sex). All very important activities of daily life! Our society places so much shame on discussing your "private parts." I believe that this has led to a cultural disassociation from the pelvic floor and as a result, a significant lack of awareness of these muscles. Your pelvic floor muscles are skeletal muscles, just like your biceps and quads. You have voluntary control of these muscles. You should be able to voluntary contract, relax and lengthen these muscles for optimal functioning - if not, then it is likely you have pelvic floor dysfunction. 

  • It's SO IMPORTANT to become familiar with your pelvic floor - how it looks, how it feels, what is normal. Think of a breast exam. 
    If you do routine exams on yourself, you will become familiar with the normal consistency of your breast tissue - you will know what lumps are normal. In that, you will be able to recognize when an abnormal lump arises. 
  • Likewise, it is important to become familiar with your vagina - yes, I said it. Look at it, feel the outside (vulva), feel the inside of your vaginal canal - know what YOUR normal is. I tell my patients to do malasana (yogic
     squat) over a mirror to become familiar with what their perineum and vulva looks like.  
  • You can also do a self-test of your pelvic floor muscle function.
    When squatting over the mirror, pay attention to the perineum (The tissue between the rectum and the vagina). This is where many of your pelvic floor muscle tissues intersect, creating the perineal body. Look at the perineal body's position as you contract your pelvic floor (close your holes and pull up and in), relax to resting position and bulge and lengthen your pelvic floor (a helpful cue is " belly big and belly hard " as you lightly bare down while exhaling). You should notice your perineal body move upward with the contraction, come back to rest, and lower towards the mirror with the bulge. 

 The first thing most people think of when they think PFPT is "Kegels." Yes, Kegels are important to maximize the strength of your PF muscles to support your pelvic organs and prevent pelvic organ prolapse (when a pelvic organ intrudes on another pelvic organ's canal due to weakness of the musculature). However, if you are constantly focusing on tightening your pelvic floor and not getting full excursion of the muscle length, it's as if you're holding your bicep in flexion all day - not allowing your elbow to straighten. Functionally, you NEED full relaxation and lengthening of these muscles to produce optimal force / strength to hold gas, pee or poop. 

About Charisse 
Charisse Balance, DPT, RYT  is a a pelvic health physiotherapist serving  prenatal and postnatal mamas in San Francisco.  Her offerings aim to promote optimal pelvic floor muscle function through a variety of modalities such as : vaginal steaming, sEMG biofeedback, neuromuscular reeducation, myofascial release, manual therapy techniques, restorative yoga, yin yoga and prenatal yoga. 

Charisse believes in the importance of educating her clients on what is going on in their bodies anatomically, as there is empowerment in this knowledge and self understanding.  Learn more here and find Charisse on  Instagram  @balanced.physioga for updates on offerings, workshops and fun PF health info! 
Homeopathy Remedies for Nausea + more  
with Delilah Raybee

Like many of you, Jane's yoga classes enhanced my pregnancy and "fourth trimester" health. In February, I attended her and Sue's Labyrinth walk at grace cathedral - only 8 years post-partum! 

In my life as a mom, balancing personal health, family life and work in the world, I've been fortunate to be on a healing path - like walking the labyrinth - sometimes feeling like I'm moving backward or circling the same stuff - but ultimately always moving forward. In particular, my life as a mom has changed my work life in a big way, leading me from my career in nonprofit management into the healing professions as a homeopath.

Homeopathy can help with nausea, mastitis, birth trauma, and more.
Treating your self or family members with a homeopathic remedy begins with symptoms: 

For example ...
  • What are your individual nausea symptoms? 
  • Do you feel better with a snack, or does the thought of food make you worse? 
  • Does your nausea come on at a certain time of day?
For mild to moderate nausea, match your symptoms to one of the remedies before, and see if you get some relief!

Remedy  Symptoms
Constant nausea with icy coldness or burning in stomach. Bloating

Persistent nausea and vomiting. Clean tongue.
Nausea better from eating. May also have diarrhea or dry skin.  
Nausea better from eating. Worse in the morning and 3-5 p.m. Feels better after exercise

Nausea with perspiration. Feels better in fresh air. Much worse from movement.

If you are new to homeopathy, here are some tips: you can purchase remedies at a health food store or natural pharmacy. Dissolve 2-3 pellets under the tongue. For acute situations (like nausea) it's okay to repeat your dose hourly or more often until you get relief.

Homeopathy is an energy medicine - the substance you are taking has been highly diluted. Therefore, it's safe for pregnant people and infants, and that's why the above remedies, like petroleum or t abacum, can make you feel better if you are nauseous.

If you are using homeopathy to treat yourself or your family at home, and could use some assistance, or if you want to learn how a well-chosen remedy can help ease your pregnancy, birth experience, or post-partum life - please check out my website or contact me to set up a phone call at 510-388-9949.  I look forward to being part of your healing journey.

Have a mom's group? I will give you a one-hour free talk on using homeopathy at home and answer your homeopathic questions on site!
Main Street Mamas Location Opens in SF!

*Check out the New Clubhouse located at the Stonestown Galleria* 

Main Street Mamas was founded in 2014 and has since blossomed into a group of over 13,000 members with countless threads on *mostly* parenting advice specific to our little 7x7 city. 

MSM now also has its own physical space, The Main Street Mamas Clubhouse, at Stonestown Mall. We are located on the second floor, next to Nordstrom's. Our goal is to create and promote a supportive parenting community, on screen and in real life.  Learn more at
1 Small Thing You Can Do to Support Mamas + Families at the Border!!!

Generous mamas and fellow baby-wearers,

Shelters in New Mexico are seeking donations of unstructured baby carriers or strong shawls, scarves, or fabric at least 40x55" for baby wearing (strong enough to hold a toddler). At the border, the government confiscates the blankets mamas use to carry their babies, and then tosses them in the trash. Ugh!

This small gesture of sending fabric, baby carriers, shawls or large scarves brings much-needed comfort to these mamas and their children. 

Please send to:

Peace Lutheran Church
Attention: Refugees/Barbara Kim 
1701 Missouri Ave
Las Cruces, NM 88001

Contact with questions or if you are in the bay area and prefer to arrange a drop-off. 
Labrinyth Walk: Thurs, July 18th
Mark your calendars for the 3rd Thursday 
Starting at 11:45am at  Grace Cathedral
(1100 California Street @ Taylor in SF)

Join Jane Austin and Sue Baelen. We'll gather at 11:45 am and begin walking at noon as the bells start to ring. This is a time for quiet reflection, and a chance to put aside all the thoughts and chatter that busy our minds and distract us from connecting to our authentic selves.

Walking the labyrinth is an ideal way to actively meditate during pregnancy, and another step in preparing for birth.

Everyone is welcome to this FREE event.
Classes, Events & Immersions w/Jane 
Mama Tree Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 

This 45-hour immersion training is for yoga teachers, midwives, doulas and other health professionals who are interested in teaching yoga to mamas. All participants must have completed a 200-hour basic teacher training or at least three years of yoga practice. All participants must have a working knowledge of basic alignment principles.

Start Your Journey. Deepen Your Knowledge.
Save $100 on early registration.

Mama Tree Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Level 2

Level two is designed for those who are looking to continue to study the art of teaching yoga to mamas. This rich training invites participants to dive deeper into themselves to discover their authentic voices.

This training also features guest teachers: My twin sister Ann Austin on the yoga sutras, Liz Miracle on pelvic floor function, Chrisandra Fox Walker on ayurveda for mamas, Kari Marble on infant massage + more.

Upon successful completions of both Mama Tree's Level One and Two trainings, students will be eligible to register 85 hours toward a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) designation with the Yoga Alliance.

Become a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher.
This will not be offered again until 2021! 

Practice Online with Jane : (7 days free)!
Check out ALL of classes (for mamas + non mamas) on
AND email me with any requests you have for online classes via MoveWith!

Featured Videos: Prenatal Shoulder Work, Prenatal Sleep Aid, Soft and Strong,
Yoga for Busy Moms, Finding Your Pelvic Floor, Happy Hamstrings + many more.
In Studio:
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9:30 - 10:55am
at Yoga Tree Valencia
(Temporary Pop Up Location: 1470 Valencia bet 25th & 26th) 

Mon, Wed & Fri
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at Yoga Tree Valencia
(Temporary Pop Up Location:
1470 Valencia bet 25th & 26th

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