Structured Installment Sales
Defer, Reduce, and/or Eliminate
Capital Gains Taxes the Easy Way
August 5, 2021 - When we first opened our doors for business in 2009, we did so with a "commitment to helping clients achieve long-term financial success and security through the effective use of specialty annuity products and services."

Mostly, this has involved providing structured settlements and structured attorney fees for those seeking to resolve personal injury litigation.

Structured settlements remain the core of our existence.

Beyond Structured Settlements

But as trust in our advocacy grew, our reach broadened to include helping clients facing other important life transitions like retirement and divorce.

Without question, though, the fastest growing segment of our practice today involves helping clients defer, reduce, and/or eliminate capital gains taxes when selling qualifying appreciated assets like businesses and real estate using something called . . .

Even though we've talked about structured installment sales before here, here, and here among other places, the purpose of today's newsletter is to call your attention to two new videos just posted to our YouTube Channel.

Video 1: Structured Installment Sales Webinar

This first one is a modified version of the educational webinar I conduct with realtors, attorneys, CPAs, investment groups, business owners or anyone who wants a detailed explanation of what structured installment sales are and how they work.

Topics include tax authority for structured installment sales, history of the offering, the mechanics of how they work, and a few case studies which reveal the money saving power of structured installment sales.

Running time on this one is about 35 minutes.

Video 1
Video 2: Structured Installment Sale Case Study

This next one features a quick representative case study for those seeking a briefer visual illustration of how structured installment sales can be used to help save A LOT of money.

Running time for this one is 4:34.

Video 2
Bottom Line

Don't get surprised by the tax man AFTER you sell your business, home, rental property, land, or other qualifying appreciated asset.

Contact us BEFORE you sell to have your situation personally, professionally, and confidentially evaluated to see if a structured installment sale is right for you.
Thank you for the opportunity to be of service and best wishes to you for continued success in your personal and professional lives.
Dan Finn, CPCU, MSSC™, RICP®
Master's Certified Structured Settlement Consultant
Retirement Income Certified Professional®

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