Encouraging (Microsoft) Teams Spirit During COVID-19
by Ellyssa Kroski
The current coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on libraries and organizations of all types, causing most to shutter their doors and staff to isolate and work remotely. At The New York Law Institute, we are combating the disjointed nature of working from home by gathering at least once a week via Microsoft Teams, and including some staff via speakerphone.

Each and every meeting begins by asking individual staff members how they are doing and what's been happening in their lives over the past week. We exchange tales of spring cleaning, neighborhood walks, home renovations, gardening, and even boating adventures. We have the chance to both see and hear staff members' furry "co-workers" in the background and get a sense of the personal lives of our colleagues. 

We have found that hosting these weekly web conference events in which we can both see and hear fellow staff members has helped us stay connected, social, and improve our sense of camaraderie during this tough time, as well as build on the creative and collaborative nature of our team.

Ellyssa Kroski is the director of information technology and director of marketing
at the New York Law Institute.

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