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Upcoming Events
Lake Wabukayne Annual Park Stewardship Day 
May 14, 2016 

Please join me and the Friends of Wabukayne at our beautiful lake for Free popcorn, prizes and a Free BBQ as well as lots of fun activities and learn about this jewel in the heart of Meadowvale on Saturday May 14, 2016 from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. Click here  for more info.
This annual Resource Fair for Persons with Disabilities is being held on May 4, 2016.
Annual Seniors' Fair

Please hold Tuesday September 13, 2016 from 10:00 am - 12:00 noon in your calendars and watch for details about my annual Seniors' Fair in future newsletters.
April 22 - 24, 2016
Meetings are held on the second Wednesday evening of every month except July and August.  
Meetings are held on the second Tuesday evening of the month September through June in Meadowvale.  
Quick Links and Updates
Six Reasons to Visit Meadowvale

Click here to read an excellent article in Modern Mississauga listing 6 reasons to visit Meadowvale. Great work by this new publication.

Be An Ontario Summer Games Volunteer

Mississauga is the official host city for the 2016 Ontario Summer Games, taking place August 11 to 14. Athletes, ages 13 to 17, from all regions of Ontario will compete against fellow provincial athletes. Be a volunteer and have a front row seat to the games. Click here to volunteer.

Helping to track those that are at risk of wandering.
Miway Logo
Plan your next trip on MiWay using the new refreshed Plan A Trip tool.
Miway Logo
New fares effective starting on May 1st.
Start or Grow a Business

Starting or growing a small business or just thinking about it? Let the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre help you.  Click here for info.  
Youth ages 12 to 14 can get unlimited free rides within Mississauga on MiWay and unlimited free public swimming at City of Mississauga heated indoor and outdoor pools during July and August.
   Be A Donor
Help save the life of someone waiting for an organ. One donor could save 8 lives! 
   Dig Safe
April is Dig Safe month. Click above to learn how to interpret locate markings.   
Please remember to help those in need.
  The Dam
Please support the Dam Youth Drop-In by making a donation. 
Meadowvale Residents' Association

For information or to  get involved in the residents' association, please click here to send an email.  You can also visit and like their Facebook page by clicking here.  

2016 Road Resurfacing

Glen Erin Drive (between Middlebury Dr and Britannia Rd) will be resurfaced this year. The work is scheduled to be completed by November 2016.
April 19, 2016
Ward 9 Councillor's e-newsletter 
Dear Neighbour:

It looks as if spring is finally here and I hope you are all enjoying the chance to get outside.  Please remember to watch for children playing as you are driving around our community.

This newsletter contains an update on the 2700 Aquitaine proposal so please read it and find out where we stand.  I am still hoping for a positive outcome for the neighbourhood.

As always, my staff and I are here to help you with any City or Regional issues.  Just send me an email to  or call  905-896-5900  and check the Ward 9 website at  for ongoing updates.

2700 Aquitaine Ave Update

As you know the OMB decision for the application for additional apartments at 2700 Aquitaine was in favour of the city.  The applicant has now requested a legal review of that decision so that it be set aside.  They have however agreed to put the appeal on hold pending a mediation process with the city. 
At the April 13th Council meeting, Council agreed to the mediation and negotiations will take place between the city and the applicant.  City legal and planning staff will be involved and as your Councillor I will have no role to play in this phase of the process. 
Staff are very much aware of the positions held by me and the community and have indicated to the Meadowvale Planning Steering Committee that the redevelopment of the properties must respect the Official Plan policies regarding density and transition and design.
In his decision, the OMB Chair did state that while he was refusing the application as it was too much density, he did feel the land could be intensified but did not indicate to what degree.  This is the premise that will be used for the negotiations.
Any agreements that arise from these talks will have to be approved by Council and I have advised Council that I will also be taking the results to the community for your information and input.  I had expected that the negotiations would need to be completed within 6 months of the initial decision which was on February 18, 2016, however the applicant has asked for that time to be extended.
As I receive more information I will provide it on my website and in the e-newsletter.   I am hoping that we will be able to come to some agreement that will recognize the policies in place and that any proposals be compatible with the neighbouring properties and the community overall.
6532/6544 Winston Churchill Blvd Meeting

The final recommendation for the development application at 6532/6544 Winston Churchill Blvd is being considered by the Planning and Development Committee on Monday May 2, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.  Please click here for my letter with all information.
Regional Governance Update

You have likely heard that Council is considering hiring a consultant to advise us if it still makes sense for Mississauga to remain part of Peel Region.  We have looked into this in the past but the review is outdated (from 2003) and things have changed.  I do not have a firm position at this time on this as there is more to consider than just financial implications.  Quality and provision of services is vitally important and there are definitely services that are best delivered at a regional level - water and wastewater, police, health and social services to name a few.

Once we have the necessary information we will be providing opportunities for residents to be involved as we did in the past and if we recommend leaving Peel then we would absolutely have a referendum.

At this time, our focus however has to be on regional representation.  Brampton is asking for more seats at the region.  I have been and remain determined that Mississauga never be in the old position of having less than 50% of the votes.  That means we have 12 as we have no plans to add wards.  This leaves 12 seats for Brampton and Caledon to divide and the only way for Brampton to add seats is for Caledon to be reduced.  This is doable and should be done to become closer to representation by population and bring some fairness to the table.
Free Waste Cart Exchange ends April 30

If your recycling or garbage cart does not suit your needs, you can exchange your cart for a different size AT NO COST through the entire month of April 2016.   Note the green organic cart cannot be exchanged as there is only one size. 

Please click  here to arrange for an exchange. 

Starting  May 1st, 2016 the fee to exchange carts will be $25 per cart. The fee covers the cost of picking-up, cleaning, delivering and registering new carts. Cart exchanges, repairs and replacements will be completed by our contractor and delivered to your door.  

Click here to dowload your waste cart schedule.  You can either print a pdf calendar or download the schedule to your electronic calendar.
Protect against Lyme Disease

Please remember to be cautious in wooded and grassy areas and check yourselves and your pets for ticks which are a concern this year and can cause Lyme Disease.  Vets in Mississauga report increased numbers of ticks on pets this spring. 

To find out how to prevent ticks and what to do if you do find them, click  here.  
Coyote Update

Coyotes are part of our urban landscape but there are precautions you can take to keep your family, pets and property safe.  

Click here to learn more about coyotes and other wildlife spotted in Mississauga.

By-law Regulating Clothing Donation Boxes

In 2009, I initiated a review of clothing donation boxes following a number of complaints in the community.  This resulted in an amendment to the by-law to only allow registered charities to place donation bins on any property in Mississauga.

Since then we have had many illegal non-charity bins placed on both city and private lands without permission.  At this time there are 55 illegal bins. Owners have had difficulty removing the bins and it has been sometimes impossible to find the actual owner.   Residents who leave clothes in these bins assume they are supporting a charity when in fact it is a private business making money that should be going to help those in need. 
In an effort to stop this behavior and to protect the real charitable organizations, we have recently amended the by-law to require licensing of all donation bins and also restrict the number on any location.  This takes effect on June 1, 2016.

 Click here to learn more.

By-law Regulating Storage of Waste Carts

The City's Property Standards By-law has been amended to help address concerns around the storage of the new Region of Peel Waste and Recycling Collection Carts.

Waste and recycling collection cart storage would be restricted to the rear or side yard, garage or carport when there is space.

Front yard storage of waste and recycling collection carts would be prohibited except where it is not practical as determined upon review by a municipal enforcement officer. Carts permitted in the front yard would be required to be located beside a building, accessory building or a fence and arranged in an orderly manner.  

For more information click here
Traffic Calming on Edenwood Dr

As you are aware, following the success of the Traffic Calming Pilot Project, Council recently approved and funded a full time Traffic Calming Program commencing in 2016.  As part of this program, the existing traffic calming measures installed during the pilot project will be adopted on a full time basis.  Those locations where the prefabricated rubber speed cushions were installed during the spring and summer months, will now be installed permanently using asphalt.  This will include the two locations on Edenwood Drive, north of Battleford Road.
It is anticipated that the work will be completed in early May.  A minor disruption to traffic is likely on the day of construction, but will be safely accommodated for as per the contractor's traffic control plan and will not require a road closure.
Jesse Arrigo Go Fund Me Campaign

Jesse Arrigo is our Ward 9 Miracle Baby who survived a near drowning when he was 10 months old.  Jesse has required a lot of therapy since surviving and his family needs help in order to continue with it.

I encourage you to help support his family as he continues to recover from his life threatening ordeal. 

Anniversary/Birthday Congratulations

If you know someone who is celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary please contact me at 905-896-5900 or at and I would be pleased to send a letter of congratulations and a small gift to commemorate the special event.
With Ward 4 Councillor Kovac and Iggy Kaneff
Iggy Kaneff Tribute Dinner

It was a great pleasure to attend a tribute dinner honouring Iggy Kaneff on March 31st. The event was the annual Mississauga Community Living fundraiser.  This worthwhile organization is located in Ward 9 and Mr. Kaneff has been a strong supporter for many years.

With Stephen Reist
Meadowvale Neighbours Café 

Congratulations to the
Meadowvale Neighbours
Café  as they celebrated their fourth anniversary on April 4th.  An off shoot of Eden Food for Change, the cafe welcomes residents to come together for food and friendship. 
With members of Council
GoHere Washroom Finder App

People with Crohns and Colitis as well as those with other health concerns may need to locate washrooms in a hurry.  

I am pleased that we Mississauga is the first city in Ontario to partner on the GoHere washroom finder app and have added every public washroom in the city to be located easily on the app.  

Many thanks to Ward 9 resident Maria Glidden for asking Council to help and the city's Accessibility Advisory Committee for recommending that Council find a way to make the washrooms more accessible to find. Click here to download the app "GoHere Washroom Finder App".
Gymnastics Ontario Championships

It was a thrill to present medals to all the winners at the Gymnastics Ontario Championships at the International Centre onApril 7th. I would like to congratulate all the winners and also Future's Gymnastics in Ward 9 for a great event.
Mental Health Programs for First Responders

Our first responders face very difficult situations every day and their mental health can suffer as a result.  It was my pleasure to join Kevin Flynn, Minister of Labour and our Mississauga Firefighters at the Garry W. Morden Centre in Ward 9 on April 8th to kick off the first Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) mental health training session. Mississauga is leading the way in the new programs announced by the province.
Safe City Mississauga Justice Luncheon

As a founding director of Mississauga Crime Prevention Association and former director of Safe City Mississauga, it is always my honour to attend Safe City events.  The annual Justice Luncheon on April 8th was a great success and Chief Jennifer Evans update on the past year in policing in Peel was very informative as always. I am very proud of the crime prevention work Safe City does. Click here to learn more.
Chickadee Nesting Boxes installed at Lake Wabukayne

Patrick Kelly from Halton- Peel Woodlands and Wildlife Stewardship got together with the Meadowvale Community Church youth group and made ten Chickadee nesting boxes.
On Friday April 15th the youth group placed wood chips in the boxes and installed the Chickadee houses around Lake Wabukayne.   Chickadees will lay 6-8 eggs that will incubate in two weeks and the fledglings will leave the nest after two to three weeks.
When you walk around Lake Wabukayne look up ten to fifteen feet and see how many you can find. 
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