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Hello ,

This September, I'm looking fondly back to 2016. Two years ago this month, I started Fisher Law Practice. So much has happened! For starters, I have a new logo and a new website.

I've also helped a lot of people. In the last 2 years, I've:

  • mediated over 90 sessions for the workplace, divorces, and the community;

  • trained over 300 people in basic conflict resolution skills;

  • trained over 250 people in supporting their LGBTQ clients;

  • coached leaders to get the most out of their workplace;

  • facilitated discussions about Stop and Frisk in every borough; and

  • represented folks facing criminal charges, NONE of whom received a criminal record.

I look forward to helping many more people and I'm excited about the next two years and beyond.

New Webinar For Mediators and Service Providers!

Last week, I had the pleasure of conducting a webinar for Columbia University's Master's Program in Negotiation and Mediation.

Check (in with) Yourself is a guided self check in process that mediators and service providers can use before a session. The four steps help you assess where you are emotionally, better understand the parties, challenge implicit bias, and plan for success. The recording should be posted online soon.

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