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Shopping Cart visibility problem solved
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PDF printing tips now posted to the Notice Board

Welcome new subscribers and old hands alike

We invite you to be among the next 50(ish) visitors to buy directly from our new site and receive an immediate 12% off your order
(time-limited coupon details below)
We'd like to extend a big Thank You to subscribers who have visited the new site since the launch newsletter went out earlier in the week. We're especially grateful to those who encountered the Shopping Cart Checkout visibility glitch .

If this happened to prevent you from successfully completing an order, we invite you to come back and give it another shot.

Please note that all of the limited number of 15% off coupons have already been claimed.
However, approximately half of the 12% off coupon codes still remain to be claimed.

To do so, just copy/paste
where prompted to enter a Coupon Code during Checkout.*

If you are having problems printing recently received Aviaeology Docs PDF files, please take a minute to review the 9 October post on the site's Notice Board .

thanks again,
Alison and Terry @ SkyGrid Studio / Aviaeology Publishing