A Note from  the Director

Here's to new beginnings. 
-- Anyone who ever experienced a new beginning

Today's eNews is all about new beginnings. Forgive the hurried nature of this version -- we are busy starting anew... a new website, a new Shumla Scholars group, and new exciting plans for future research. The latter will be described in detail in next month's eNews. Just let me say, go ahead and start getting excited now. It's big!

In the meantime, check out what's new right now with our new Shumla Scholars class and new website! 

All the best,
Jessica Lee, Director
Back in Session

It's "Back to School" time and we at Shumla have a whole new crop of Shumla Scholars. We've only had one class session so far, but we are all set to blow their minds. Starting this week, we will be introducing them to the incredible ancient art in their own backyard, not to mention, the high-tech scientific methods used to preserve and study it. 
This year we will be working on the preservation of the Tinaja rock art site. 

As you can see, it is a scenic site with an large clear water tinaja in the center.

As beautiful as the water is, to an archaeologist, it represents a serious danger to the precious rock art. When water is this close to a panel, a flood can mean imminent destruction. Enter the Shumla Scholars!  This year they'll be the superheroes saving this panel from being lost forever.

More on our Super Scholars soon!
A New Website for the Oldest "Books"

We at Shumla have been talking for some time about how much we wanted a website as advanced as our documentation methods. We wanted all the bells and whistles... a mobile-enabled, easily editable, user-friendly, image-rich site where people could get all the information they want about Shumla and the rock art we preserve and have fun doing it. 

Well... we have begun!

This website it a work in progress. We have the bones of our future site and we will be adding new content each month. 

So far, you can click through pages including:

The "Support Us" page offers all the ways to support Shumla, including gifts, matching gifts through your employer, corporate  sponsorships , planned and asset giving, volunteering, and Amazon Smile. "Support Us" also leads directly to our beautiful new " Donate to Shumla " page where there is no longer, and will never be again, any confusion about PayPal account log in's or where to enter your credit card. Our new donation tool is hyper-secure and so easy to use you just can't help but donate to Shumla.

What's to come? We're so glad you asked!
Soon you will also find:
  • The Art - A page about the art of the Lower Pecos complete with the gorgeous images you've been asking for.
  • Visit - A page about visiting the Lower Pecos, including places to stay in Del Rio and other places to visit while you're here.
  • Shumla Method - More about the Shumla method of rock art documentation - coveted information for our partners the world over who would like to incorporate some of our methods for the documentation of rock art and iconography internationally.
  • Shumla Press - A page about Shumla in the press - you'll know as soon as we know - when we get published, or written about in magazine articles, books, videos, on TV, etc. 
  • Shumla News - A page about Shumla's newest news. Of course, you're an eNewsletter reader, so it's old news to you.
  • K-12 Curriculum - A page with downloadable curriculum's for K-12 teachers who would like to use Shumla's educational materials to teach about ancient lifeways of Texas in their own classrooms around the world.
  • Our Partners - A page highlighting our many amazing partners in the preservation of the murals of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands. We could never do what we do without their help. We have a few other horns to toot. 
Go visit our new website at And please continue to visit because we will be posting things there that you won't see anywhere else. It's our new global headquarters where you can visit the Lower Pecos, no matter where in the world you reside.

Join us! Check out our world and keep coming back for more!

Spotlight on David Graf

Shumla's Favorite CPA and... Actor!

David Graf joined the Shumla Board in 2011. In the five years since, he has not only provided our Board and our staff with the conscientious financial and tax advice every growing non-profit needs, he has also enriched our lives with his hysterical dry humor and unwavering kindness. He is a clear voice of reason in any heated Board conversation and then completely neutralizes any anxiety with a witty quip. Makes sense, I guess, that he would also be a very talented actor in the Del Rio Upstagers - Del Rio's Award-Winning Live Theater Group. Here he is rocking The Producers.

Thank you, David! For your service and your humor!

The oldest "books" in 
North America are disappearing. 

Donate now to help us save this ancient library.  Every dollar you give will be matched $1 for $1.


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