Dear Reader,
    As of last night, and a few tweaks this morning, the new website is live!
Please go take a look and let me know what you think. It's now mobile friendly, simpler, and will feature the things I love - like a page for cookbooks, one for local authors and illustrators, gift recommendations, and of course, bestsellers.
     I want it to feel like you're dealing with a real bookseller and reading community when you're there, because you are. You can send me an email with questions, reviews, or comments.
     You can preorder books 4 months ahead of release, backorder titles that are temporarily out of stock, download ebooks, download audio books, and find some great lists.
     Plus there's a page that will take you to the stock I have on hand. It's available to be shipped quickly from the Vault, or delivered to Cafe Santana for the local folks. (Sorry, tours of the Super Secret Vault are not available.)

     Today is Small Business Saturday and I'd love to start the new site off with a hundred orders!

     But mostly I want to continue to serve you as your bookseller. Bookmark the site. Visit often. I am here for you.
Take care of each other,

       What's that address again?

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