Volume 14, Issue 2
May 5, 2023
Dear PARA Member,

PARA’s new website – its first new one in 17 years -- was launched recently. This is a simple statement behind which was a great deal of work. PARA's Website Committee, a special committee of the Board of Directors, has been behind this process, which will continue with more website features still to come. The Spring issue of PARA-phernalia (look for your copy in the mail at the end of this month) has more details about the background of this ongoing project. The URL address remains the same: www.paranynj.org. Make sure to refresh your browser to see the latest information.

We would like to thank Joe SanSevero, who created PARA’s first website in 2006 as a sole volunteer effort, putting his passion for such projects to work for fellow retirees. He is a member of the Website Committee Committee and will continue as an Advisor to the Board.

You will notice that the website content has been reorganized, and edited quite a lot from the original which Joe designed and kept adding to over the years. For example, the website features a new Contact Us section. This streamlines the process for our members’ questions or concerns to be forwarded directly to PARA's responding subject matter expert. Navigation is much simpler, too. We had the advantage of user experience from the old website, and the benefit of much more facile content management options with this new website. Please familiarize yourselves with it. We hope you enjoy using it. Once again, please remember to refresh your browser to make sure you are seeing the latest.

The Website Committee will be proceeding to the next phase of website development during the next several months. Once this phase is ready for launch, retirees will be able to join PARA by paying dues electronically, renew their annual dues, and edit their contact information so that it stays up to date, all in a password-protected section. Because you receive these eBulletins, you will know about this launch as soon as it is open to members.

Please share this information with your fellow retirees and encourage them to join PARA, because we cannot do this without you.


Your PARA Board
What is PARA?
The Port Authority Retirees Association (PARA), a not-for-profit corporation, was formed in 1989 to promote the welfare of retirees of the Port Authority (and PATH). That is accomplished by PARA advocating on behalf of Port Authority retirees. We foster and encourage legislation that maintains or improves our circumstances primarily as it affects the pensions of the New York State Retirement System. PARA has some 4,000 members residing in 39 states and 12 countries. It maintains an active affiliation with the Retired Public Employees Association (RPEA) and the Alliance of Public Retiree Organizations (APRO) representing some 500,000 retirees and beneficiaries in the New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS).
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