April 2022
Our New Website is Live!
Visit our newly-revamped website and learn about our programs and partners! The new website also features:

  • Our Roots: The story of how and why Global Seed Savers was created.
  • Our Shoots: The programs and projects we have created to bring about change since our start.
  • Our Branches: Our partner communities and collaborations.
  • Our Stories and Reflections: A repository of stories from the field, and other important updates about GSS/P happenings.

Aside from these sections, you can also now contact us directly from the website!

Some upcoming features include:
  • Resources for seed savers
  • Further information on how you can support our work
  • Upcoming Events the rest of the year
Latest Stories from the Field
Featured on our Blog

Food/Seed Sovereignty
Campaign Launching
The activities were pretty simple, with the blessing of the soil and seed as major highlights. We had planned for a ritual to express our gratitude to the land and the seeds that enable our farmers to continue producing food for our communities.

Interview with
Farmer and Seed Saver Elizabeth Martin
Farmer Elizabeth Martin (BASS Field Coordinator and Seed Saver) was recently interviewed for a local publication in the Philippines.

“When you save seeds, you no longer have to buy for your planting needs, or use chemical fertilizers and pesticides which kill soil nutrients.”

2020-2021 Impact Graphics
The last two years at GSS have been full of adaptation, team growth, and wonderful impact! Check out the below impact graphics to learn more about how our work is helping build food and seed sovereignty in our ever changing times.

Thanks to our wonderful Graduate Fellow Anjanette for creating these graphics to visually demonstrate our impact. You can also view our Annual Reports and learn more about our impact via our website!
page 2 impact graphic