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New Wedding Ring Collections! 
See our new Double Wedding Ring stitching designs!

We are pleased to announce a new member of our Double Wedding Ring stitching designs: our Wedding Ring Wrought Iron design set! This joins our existing feather, heart, and Celtic overall ring double wedding ring designs.

Each of these sets give you flexibility of design choice. When you combine the design sets you can have many more possibilities. You can see all of our designs in our new design book.

This set is based on our unique and well-received Wrought Iron Set. This is a design that appears to be stitched using a dual needle. It gives the gorgeous look of the decorative wrought iron-work I love found in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco near my old college home in Mexico.

This set has 16 individual design elements that include borders, center, melons, arcs, arc corner squares, and corners stones. These can be combined in a multitude of ways.

To make it easy to use them, I've included 8 design layouts, two of which are shown above. These layouts show you ideas on how you can combine the design elements and even create your own combinations so that you can highlight the beauty of each individual quilt! They show examples of scalloped edges, thin borders, think borders, melons and arcs combined, and on and on.

As they say in a fine restaurant - Enjoy!

The feather motif has 19 design elements and two design layouts, one of which is shown here.

Using the design layouts with the contact sheet you can easily determine which designs you wish to use and where you want to use it.

Heart Wedding Ring Set

Hearts are the ideal complement to wedding rings!

This set has 5 designs elements that allow you to place them to make the design that speaks to you. It also has two design layout suggestions to give you placement ideas. 

These are simple, clean designs. They are great for avoiding that all-too-common "over quilted" look.

Celtic Overall Ring Wedding Ring Set 

This is a basic overall edge-to-edge design. The design of the interlocking rings is to complement the quilt's interlocking wedding ring design.

It is designed as an edge-to-edge to keep the quilting prices low for the customer by avoiding the costs custom placement required by more custom designs. 
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