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Not always celebrated in the US, but why not? Bastille Day gives us an extra reason to indulge in delicious French Cuisine! We have featured some of our favorite French items available at Euclid Fish and have incorporated them into both classic and unique French style dishes in honor of
Bastille Day today!
Breakfast and Pastries

Make a simple crepe and have an assortment of toppings like lemon curd, sugar or fresh strawberries. Make a strawberry sauce to drizzle over the crepes with the RaviFruit Strawberry Puree. Ravi Fruit is made with a completely natural recipe- 90% fruit, 10% sugar.
Choose from other flavors like Blackberry, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Passion Fruit and more!

FJ4050 | 2.2 lb.
Ravifruit Strawberry Puree

Frozen French Macarons. Assortment Includes: Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon Poppy Seed, Apricot, Pistachio.  1.5” ea. Thaw and serve at room temperature. 4 trays/ 48 macarons per tray.

DS4500 | 192 ct.

Toast a mini croissant and slather it with rich Beurremont butter.

Mini Straight Croissant   
FB6070 | 1.1 oz. | 180 ct.
All-butter croissant- Rich & buttery w/ a light, open texture for an authentic taste. Preproofed

Butter, Beurremont 83% 
BS0006 | 1 lb.
Very high in butterfat & made so that the cream is not aged & does not have cultures added- giving it a sweeter flavor. It is higher in fat than most butters by 3% - very rich, creamy & low in moisture w/ a higher melting point.
Soups and Salads
French Onion Soup

Using Raclette Cheese, melt directly into a bowl of French Onion Soup for excellent flavor.

CZ4330 | Raclette
Cow Milk, Semi Hard
Pale yellow in color with a few small holes throughout. Once melted, its texture is creamy and does not separate. Raclette is similar to fondue, but is distinctive since the melted part of the cheese is scraped off the block.
Tuna Nicoise

For a light, French salad, make a kicked up tuna nicoise salad by searing a piece of fresh tuna and pairing it with a fresh greens, haricot verts, potatoes and olives

B90096 | Cut to Order
Wild Yellowfin Tuna Loins +2

CG6015 | 5 lb.
Pitted and Cured Olives in Oil

Create a rich seafood broth with fennel, tomato, shrimp, mussels, lobster and fresh fish! Serve with a toasted baguette.

Contact your local sales rep for any and all of your seafood needs!

FB3030 | 22 ct.
Boulart French Baguette
Made w/ unbleached, untreated, enriched wheat flour, water, sea salt, yeast, and malted barley. 

Bake Burgandy Snails with a homemade garlic herb butter and then top it with lightly toasted rustic breadcrumbs. For a tasty appetizer, make a rich buttery cream sauce and chop up the escargot to lightly coat with the sauce. Spoon the coated escargot into mini tart shells and bake
until golden brown.

F34000 | Burgandy Snails | 12/6 oz.

CK2057 | Mini Tart Shells | 1.9 in/ 144 ct.

Coquille St. Jacques

A classic French Scallop Dish! Poach scallops in white wine and fresh parsley. Reserve the liquid and thicken it with roux and add some Gruyere cheese. Put the scallops in a gratin dish and coat with the sauce then top with rustic bread crumbs and broil.

CZ4253 | Gruyere 1655 | Cut to Order
Cow Milk, Hard

A71610 | U8 Domestic Dry Scallops | 8 lb.

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