How are YOU?

Unprecedented times … Abundance of concerns … Layoffs and lockdowns … Social distancing … Sheltering in place …
Amidst the health crisis the likes of which most of us have not personally experienced in our lifetimes, I am so thankful to say that we are well, healthy, and still here for you.
Long before I started Cheat A Little Catering, my previous career was in corporate recruiting, staff development and human resources. My mentor in that business taught me the power of staying in contact with people… for no other reason but to let them know we’re here, we care, and offering help when needed.
So, I’m grateful for the opportunity to touch base with each of you, our valued clients, colleagues and friends. We’re still here for you when you need us.
Drop us a line, if only to say “hello” … and let us know how you’re doing. We want to know!
And, when the time is right, and you find yourself hungry for one of our menus you’ve come to enjoy … feel free to “Cheat A Little.”
Many thanks,
Brian R. Morriss
President & Owner