New Westminster is once again rallying to take care of its own!


This morning a fire tragically struck the many homes of some of our residents.


The Chamber is receiving offers of assistance.


Thank you Myrna Ball from Arundell Mansions for offering accommodation to those who are in need! 604-617-3838


Thank you to Judy, Parm and Nadine from our local MLA's Office who are offering all and any support that they can give. 604-775-2101


Thank you to Darcy Schlechtleitner who is rallying her colleagues to develop support for these victims.604-783-1250


If you are looking to offer support, please let us know and we will post it on our website so the victims know who to connect with.


Or you can call Victim Services at 604-529-2525 to offer your support.


Thank you New Westminster!!!