Announcing the latest additions to Qorvo's innovative RF portfolio of FEM modules and GaN power amplifiers, which serve a wide range of wireless, radar, EW and satellite communications systems. These high-performance solutions simplify RF for designers worldwide and are available 
 Qorvo's authorized channel partners.
2.4GHz Wi-Fi Front End Module
QPF4219 Features
  • 24.5dBm POUT at -35dB DEVM
  • 26.5dBm POUT at MCS0
  • 33dB Tx gain
  • 1.9dB Rx noise figure
  • 5x3mm laminate package
  • Ideal for Wi-Fi 5 (11ac) systems

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32-38GHz 5W GaN Power Amplifier

TGA2224 Features 
  • Freq: 32-38GHz
  • PSAT: 37dBm
  • PAE: 20% 
  • Large signal gain: 16dB 
  • 3.4x1.4mm die
  • Ideal for radar, EW & communications

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5-6GHz 60W GaN Power Amplifier
QPA2308D Features
  • Freq: 5-6GHz
  • PSAT: 47.8dBm
  • PAE: 43% 
  • Large signal gain: 21dB
  • 4.2x5mm die
  • Ideal for radar & satellite communications

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