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New Work

5:30 AM Schmidt Brewery 30
5:30 AM Schmidt Brewery   30" x 40"   $20,000
I may have missed out on the sounds of whistles, shift-changes and kegs being loaded, but at five-thirty am when the world is still asleep, I swear you can still hear them.

For over 100 years, this brewery was the epicenter of this working class neighborhood in St. Paul and kept many families alive and comfortably numb in the process.

One needs to be anything but numb when confronting such a fleeting effect. Recording that narrow window between night and day has it's challenges. It took nine mornings to get this on canvas and I was working against time in more ways than one: as a pre-dawn painting my window of opportunity was very short and the building was slated for immediate renovation to be turned into artists lofts.

I spent two days walking around the enormous footprint of the complex to find the composition and time of day I felt would make the most of the buildings unique silhouette. I was drawn to a combination of organic and rectilinear form which created a varied, contrasting trip for the eye. Further, I was challenged by the fact that the color had to be dense but still luminous.

After those nine intense mornings I was ready for a beer.

Just a month later, the restoration has begun and the view is forever changed.

It's amazing how quickly a plein air painting can become part of history.

Three-Day Fall Color Workshop

Wilbur Returns    28" x 40"   $18,500
St. Paul, MN
Fri, Sat, Sun, October 18, 19, 20, 2013
Cost: $550

Many crimes have been committed in the name of color but  there is a way to avoid having this happen to you.

This weekend workshop is an excellent opportunity for students of all levels to experience dealing with Fall color. I will be emphasizing how color is affected prismatically as well as the power of rich neutrals in serving pure color. You can count on frequent critiques and information tailored to your level.

Click here for details.

Exhibit: Art of the National Parks

View from Devil's Elbow 28
View from Devil's Elbow   28" x 22"   $12,000
Knowlton Gallery, Lodi CA
Exhibition, Book Signing & Sale
October 4-6

This 3-Day event features works printed in the recent book, Art of the National Parks including the above painting. I will have three works in the show (Click to view).

Unfortunately I will be unable to attend the book signing and sale.
Contact: Robin Knowlton
(p) 209.368.5123

2014 Catalina Island Five-Day Workshop

Catalina Island 5-day Workshop
Catalina Island, CA
Cost: $850
Monday, January 20th - Friday, January 24th, 2014

This is truly the ideal destination workshop in the month of January.
Catalina Island offers an amazing array of subjects with ease of access. During this five-day workshop we will delve into the prismatic palette and how to capture the unique qualities of each day on canvas.
All levels are welcome.

You will be given a great deal of individual attention tailored to your level.
See you on the sand.

Click here for details.

NEW! Composition & Design for Painters

Organic Geometry 22 x 28 - $19,500 - SOLD
Organic Geometry   22" x 28"   $19,500 - SOLD
Mamaroneck, NY
(5-Day) $800
Mon - Fri, March 17 - 21, 2014

This is a class I have not taught in a while and is back by popular demand.

Not all Composition is intuitive and solid precepts can be learned. It's important to understand why a design works so one can design well - consistently.

We will be dealing with the building of a picture from the ground up. Starting with the Linear Aspect of a picture we will address Balance, Unity, Variety/Interest & Contrast. We will then move into limited tone and finally, color. Enrollment is limited.

This studio course is exercise-based and will be held indoors at a private residence.

Click here for details.


Sea Salt and Eucalyptus 22 x 28 - $13,000 - SOLD
Sea Salt and Eucalyptus   22" x 28"   $13,000 - SOLD
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