Waltham Land Trust
Benefit Class

Saturday January 14th 1-2
We're excited to be hosting a benefit class for the Waltham Land trust at the Waltham Studio on Saturday January 14th from 1pm-2pm. Nicole will be teaching and it counts for 2 classes for those doing the challenge. Click  here to find out more about this event and the organization and register - walk-ins welcome! 

Mantra Meditation: Intentions for 2016  January 21st  
1:30pm - 4pm
Join Jeff for this unique meditation workshop that will include information about meditation and the benefits of having a stillness practice.
The focus of this workshop will be to set intentions through the creation of an individual mantra that will guide you into the new year.  Expect seated and moving meditation in this unique offering.

January workshops count as 2 classes for those participating in our 31Day January Challenge.

The workshop was originally scheduled for January 7th and was postponed due to snow. If you registered for the initial event, you are already enrolled in this one!

Winter Wonder Yin
Sunday Jan 22nd
Winter is nature's time of hibernation and retreat. The active rest phase in winter is necessary to replenish your internal batteries after the fall harvest. In the Chinese Five Elements system, winter is a time to maintain active chi flow through the systems that move water throughout the body. In this special Winter Yin practice, Susan Doherty will explore asanas that open the kidney meridian channels on the front of the spine. By keeping the water element moving during the cold season, you will feel fluid, confident and emotionally well. 
$35 Register
With last weekend's snow we had cancel both our Waltham Land Trust Benefit class and our Mantra Meditation workshop. The Waltham Land Trust event will take place THIS Saturday from 1-2 (more info on the sidebar) and Jeff's Mantra Meditation Workshop is rescheduled for Saturday January 21st from 1:30-4pm. If you were already enrolled in either event, you are automatically signed in for the new one!

New Student 3 for $30
We're phasing out our popular 3 for $30 New Student Special and will be announcing a new unlimited 30 day New Student offer next week - if you've been planning to come in for this offer - the time is now! And tell your friends too!!!

Soul Sketch Yoga is back!

Last year Tracy Rodriguez Photography and I teamed up for a unique workshop that involved charcoal, canvas and yoga. The results were stunning and we can't wait to bring back two sessions in 2017. Join us on Saturday January 28th at 1pm and/or Saturday March 11th at 1pm (both in Braintree). $75 includes supplies. Space is very limited and classes are filling up. Get your canvas here.

Pre-registration is highly  recommended for  our bolster-based class such as Chillfest, Restorative & SPA Yoga which get really busy this time of year!
Especially Sunday 5pm in Braintree - we squeezed in 34 last week but like to cap class at 25 so there are enough props for everyone! 


I love hearing from you with suggestions, questions or concerns so be in touch. 

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