We Have Every Color of HiKoo Rylie
HiKoo Rylie is a blend of baby alpaca, mulberry silk and linen. This DK weight yarn knits up into lace patterns with a stitch definition that is stunning.

Think summer tops and lightweight cardigans.

Think shawls and cowls.

We really recommend the lighter neutral colors for lace. A lighter color shows off lace and is a delight to knit. If you've been knitting with heavier yarn in dark colors, picking out a project to do in a lighter color with lace will be a real treat.

Be sure to consider AddiClick Lace or Rocket Tip needles for lace work, too. The lace (also called rocket) tips are tapered and really help to get into the loops of stitches like K2tog and SSK.


Top to bottom: Abalone, Sailor's Delight, Sea Glass, Pearl, Manatee. There are 12 more colors on our website.
A Mid-July Note from your friends at Graywood
Knitting and crocheting friends,

Well, we made it through the Fourth of July without any major setbacks here in Michigan as regards the Coronavirus pandemic. We have been really busy with emails and orders and doing updates to the website. Every box of new yarn that comes in means that we have work to do!

Thank you so much for sending orders our way. We are a very small business but we LOVE yarn! So we really do appreciate the orders that you place and hope that we can continue to be helpful as you crochet and knit your way through the summer months.

My main knitting project is a summer sleeveless sweater in HiKoo Rylie, Color Pearl. I'm using Thea Colman's pattern called "Reposado" and am absolutely in love with the lace panels that form a cap sleeve on this sweater design. I'll be writing a blog post about it soon. You can see the pattern on Ravelry.com AND that's it in the photo at the top of this note.

I'm also working on another Throwback Tee in HiKoo Sueno, Color Dusty Rose . Since I did the design work on this sweater, it is my relief valve knitting for the summer. I pick it up when chatting with my husband or while watching television in the evening. You may remember that Throwback Tee is a Graywood pattern, that was released two summers ago. The pattern is available as a download on our website or on Ravelry.com. You can find more information about this sweater after this note.

I'd like to remind you about the One Bag Baby Blanket project, too. It's a great project that you won't finish in one weekend. It's easy to knit on US #9 needles. Knit one this summer and have a baby gift ready when you need it.

Remember that if this pandemic keeps up, you just might be glad to have a few crochet and knit projects in line for autumn knitting. Look over your stash and see if you need to add a few new projects so you will be ready if some more stay-at-home comes along.

Just to update you on the two of us who work here at Graywood.

Maureen is currently puzzling out the fall schedule for her two boys. While our local school district is offering some options, distance learning or on site learning, things feel up in the air as we approach August. That's tough for families everywhere and Maureen's family is pondering the options mightily.

I'm still staying pretty sheltered. Fortunately my dear husband is a shopper so I don't even chance the grocery store aisles. I have been on a golf course once. My golf pal and I use two carts and have arrangements with the pro shop for social distancing. Nice folks will do that for us. I'm in the office one day a week. The rest of the time I work remotely from my home studio.

We planted our garden on July 3, really late for this part of Michigan, but I'm already snipping greens from the rows to add to sandwiches and salads. The cucumber seeds came up in four days! That warm soil and lots of watering really does the trick. I'm also digging daylilies and moving them to new locations. That's an effort, but I'll be glad I did it when next year's blossoms show up.

So friends, let's keep our wits about us. We have our yarn and hooks and needles and patterns and projects to occupy our hands and minds. There is always a hat to be knit, or a pair of socks to cast on, or a shawl to crochet.

We shall get through. We really will.

Thanks again for supporting us. Enjoy the summer. Eat well. Go for a walk. Call a friend. And. . .keep knitting and crocheting!


Wanda Eichler

PS We are still hearing about and seeing slowdowns in U. S. Mail. We use Priority Mail and have not had any issues for at least six weeks. Keep in mind that postal centers have been hit by the virus. We may have to be patient again!

PPS We have more new projects to feature for you! A shawl. New Zauberball socks. Stay tuned!
This is the Throwback Tee that I'm knitting. I'm using HiKoo Sueno, color Dusty Rose. My pattern describes how you can block the knitting after the first skein. You get to try on the sweater as you knit so that you have a really good idea of fit. I used the garter stitch edging at the neckline and am very pleased with this first look at the sweater. I'm about 6-8 rounds away from dividing for the body and sleeves.

Sueno comes in lots of solid colors and in tonal shades too. Depending on size, you will need to order 3-4 skeins. Add one more skein if you think you might want a longer sweater OR if you think you'd like to add three-quarter or long sleeves.
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