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Sheri's fabulous salad!

Living An Artful Life  Begins with  Choices..... 
Sheri Trepino_ Linda Hendrickson_ Shelle Lindholm
Art Hooligans L to  R Sheri Trepina, Linda Hendrickson, Shelle Lindholm in Shelle's studio

"Living artfully" is my goal this year!  

We all have choices and the compilation of artful choices is living an artful life....from my coffee cup in the skiing in the fresh air, long walks with Molly Pup, painting, investing time in friends and family, living close to my God and more painting all make for a balanced artful life. 

A couple of winters ago I was setting up my Pinterest account and "Colours by Sheri" kept catching my eye with interesting articles and beautiful pictures.  I noticed she was from a town just five miles away. After looking at her web site I decided to send her an email  suggesting we get to know each other. The next day I had a fascinating studio tour with Sheri Trepina---we laugh about our "Pinterest Blind date".  

A few months later we met again and another artist I'd admired for years, Shelle Lindholm joined us for a painting day.

Fast forward two years and the three of us have been dubbed the "Art Hooligans AKA Mark Makers"...and we have had many days of painting, sketching, sharing, encouraging, pushing the limits of "what if?" and what is possible not to mention eating well.  For me this  illustrates how a single artful choice keeps on giving me days of artful living.

Sheri unveils her leaves.
Lunch setting at Sheri's

Shelle at an art date in Sheri's studio.

Shelle plein air sketching out on the land.
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Is there a way you are choosing to live artfully?  Let me  know.

Thank you for being my "peeps"     Linda Hendrickson